January 23, 2019

JJ Editor's Picks

"Autocracy flourished in 2018 because when Washington pursues a so-called realist policy of global retrenchment, it looks for dictators it thinks it can rely on."

"The scissor is a statement, an idea or a scenario that’s somehow perfectly calibrated to tear people apart — not just by generating disagreement, but by generating total incredulity..."

"Women’s faces are vanishing from billboards in some Israeli cities. In Bnei Brak, the municipality has been accused of banning women from appearing on street signs."

"Millennials have come to believe, Petersen writes, that “personal spaces should be optimized just as much as one’s self and career.” But the conspicuous nature of #KonMari also suggests a larger vacuum."

"John Bogle, the founder of The Vanguard Group who died earlier this month at age 89, got rich by giving his mutual fund customers a better deal. The obituaries seem to have missed that point."

"... an immutable law of technology and business is that any complicated development brings with it self-proclaimed priests of said subject intent on frightening the less-informed into buying their goods and services."

"Online, the self-own follows an established pattern: the cocky assertion, the twist, the pile-on, the humiliated retreat into silence (or, worse, the attempt to argue yourself out of the hole you’ve dug—otherwise known as “doubling down”)."

"A new book wants us to navigate life’s crossroads with the precision of a military exercise. But personal decisions are more difficult than even the most consequential political decisions."

"You know that feeling when you say something and then hear it in your own mother’s voice and half of you screams while the other half is so satisfied, so relieved, to be in this familiar territory?"

"Four women drove to a vast desert wilderness along the southwestern border w/ Mexico. They brought water jugs and canned food — items they later said they were leaving for dehydrated migrants...The women were later charged with misdemeanor crimes."

"If the planet they’re looking for exists, it is likely six times the mass of Earth, with an atmosphere made of hydrogen and helium covering its rock-and-ice core. What makes it hard to find is its likely location..."

"Yes, there are Jews who hate Judaism. There are Jews who may hate Israel. There are Jews who may hate other Jews. In a society that values freedom of speech, conscience and expression, this ought to be allowed."

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