Tom Tugend, War Veteran and Lifelong Jewish Journalist, has Died at 97

Tom Tugend, a dogged and prolific journalist who fought in three wars, then focused on writing the news of the Jewish world until his last days, died Wednesday at...

Tisha B'Av

Why Are We So Silent About the Uprising in Iran?

It feels as though I’m standing at a funeral for my family members, yet no friends, no colleagues or anyone outside of my immediate family has bothered to attend.

History, Art Come Together at Colorful Jerusalem Drawing Biennale

Abandoned Arab houses, stately Ottoman buildings, and centuries-old printing presses – in the ancient city of Jerusalem, history, memory, and art go hand in hand.

Walking Soccer Encourages Senior Players to Have Fun

Every Friday, a group of football players meets in Canoga Park for a soccer game like no other.

A Moment in Time: “Did You Catch the Name of YOUR Angel Today”

Dear all, Last Friday I met an angel. Her name was Dana. Dana works for Boeing, and she was attending a private event at the Flight...

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Pandemic Times

The Iranian people took to the streets in outrage. Women were seen removing their hijabs in protest – an illegal act and one of defiance against the Islamic Republic regime that overthrew the Shah 43 years ago.
Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel was vandalized on November 26. Stop Antisemitism tweeted on December 6 that “security footage captured a man throwing a large rock through an entrance window, shattering...

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How Tech and COVID Altered Sam Glaser’s Musical World

As a popular and well-traveled performer in the world of Jewish music, Sam Glaser’s career was sailing – until two unanticipated disruptions threatened the journey.

Is It Cool to Be a Jew?

If we expanded the view of cool to include pride, I believe we’d be on to something.

AJU Panel Unpacks Iranian Unrest

Rabbi Tarlan Rabizadeh, vice president of Jewish engagement at AJU and an Iranian American, moderated the discussion, which was organized following approximately 80 consecutive days of demonstrations in Iran.  

Campus Watch Dec. 8, 2022

GWU Investigating SJP for Protesting Hillel Event George Washington University (GWU) is investigating the campus Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter over their protest...


My Message to Douglas Emhoff for his White House Roundtable on...

“We must fight in a strategic and firm way, without giving the haters the massive publicity they crave. It is that publicity, as much as anything else, that normalizes antisemitism."

Why It’s OK to Talk About the Moral Differences Between Societies

About 40 years after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued his fatwa calling for Muslims to murder Salman Rushdie, the Indian author was finally attacked and nearly killed.

Bibi’s Extreme Challenge

In exchange for their support, the three ultra-conservative parties who have allied themselves with Netanyahu’s Likud have demanded a range of concessions from him.

Can We Retire the Word “Shiksa”?

In my junior year of college, I dated a Jewish man named Lucas. Things were going well. We’d go out to the movies and...

See You in January!

I’ll be back before you can say "Ayatollah."

Agnon’s Great American Story

English was not his language, America was not his landscape, and the story of America was not part of his literary oeuvre, but in 1967 – on his first and only trip to America – Israeli author S.Y. Agnon stood before 1000 Americans and told them his version of the American story.

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Campus Watch

Campus Watch Dec. 1, 2022

UA Prof Killed By Gunman Who Thought He Was Jewish A University of Arizona professor was shot and killed by a gunman who allegedly thought...

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If You Care About Jews: Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

The woke world we have constructed in America has an unhealthy obsession with overvaluing words even as they directly conflict with deeds.

Lies, Libels, and the Justification of Terror

The past week presents a valuable lesson on how dangerous lies can easily lead to the justification of deadly violence.  

What Qatar Learned from Hitler’s Olympics

The government of Qatar reportedly has been pressuring Hamas — which it finances — to refrain from launching rockets into Israel during the World Cup soccer tournament presently underway in the Gulf state.

When Antisemites Sue the Jews

The suit that Al Jazeera has filed in the International Criminal Court could shine an embarrassing spotlight on the network itself.

Isaac’s Laughter

At the start of this week’s Torah reading, Jacob, like his grandfather Abraham before him, leaves the land of his birth for new horizons.

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“Boredom is the biggest threat to Judaism”– Rabbi Steve Leder

Listen to the full episode on any of your favorite podcast platforms! In conversation with rabbi and author Steve Leder, on the meaning of regret,...

Mindy and Mandy Moved Us While Oscars Snoozed Us

After briefly breaking down the Oscars, the Bagels compare it to the Jewish community after COVID (of course) and wonder if the trailers for "In The...

Rabbi Doctor Daniel Friedman: Talmud For Regular Folks

Author and speaker Daniel Friedman shares transformative wisdom from our Sages, as well as surprising research from his doctoral thesis on American Christian attitudes...

Catherine Wolff: Beyond

Shmuel Rosner chats with Catherine Wolff about her book: "Beyond: How Humankind Thinks About Heaven." Catherine Wolff is a writer, editor, and former director of The...

This Isn’t About Kamala, It’s About America

I was sad to hear about Kamala Harris and the student incident. Not because I’m worried about the support for Israel, but because I’m worried about the state of America.

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Do You Believe in Magic: Orange Semolina Cake

This recipe is magical and it’s just in time for peak orange season. 

Netflix Under Fire for Streaming “Blood Libel” Movie

Netflix is currently facing criticism for promoting a movie that’s been accused of spreading blood libels about Israeli soldiers’ treatment of Palestinians.

Israeli UFC Fighter Natan Levy Calls out Kanye after 2nd Unanimous Victory

Israeli UFC fighter Natan Levy won his second fight in the Octagon on Saturday night in Orlando. Levy went the distance with his opponent, Genaro...

“Beyond the Bolex” A Must-See Documentary For Anyone Researching Their Ancestors

Limited streaming release this weekend: A film that will inspire all viewers to ask questions about the great-grandparents that they may have never met.

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