Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Jewish Groups Praise Chauvin Conviction

Several Jewish groups have praised the conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd, a Black man.

Tisha B'Av

I’m Proud of You

I felt blessed and happy, and in the right place.

Sanders, Warren: U.S. Should Restrict Military Aid to Israel

Sanders and Warren both made their remarks during J Street’s national virtual conference on April 18 and 19.

Poems Born in Bergen-Belsen

There is anger in Rosensaft’s poetry, an anger most reminiscent of the early writing of survivors.

Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge Biden to Nominate Anti-Semitism Envoy ASAP

It remains unclear what President Biden’s timeline is for filling the position.

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Pandemic Times

After twelve years in power, Netanyahu as head of the opposition is now a possibility.
Move marks another step in normalization efforts between the countries, expected to benefit both countries significantly

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Celebrating Israel — at a Drive-In

Leave it to the Israelis to show the community the path forward.

A Refugee Solution for Biden — From 1944

Temporary havens would offer a supplemental option for those in need of immediate protection.

Caring for Aging Parents and Beyond

The Jewish approach to mourning parallels the findings of modern-day psychiatric grief research.

What Jewish Summer Camp Will Look Like This Year

Camps in the United States are opening again with a combination of testing and vaccinations, along with a better understanding of how COVID-19 spreads.

Clubhouse Says It ‘Shut Down a Number of Rooms’ After Anti-Semitism Complaints

Clubhouse, the new audio-based social network, announced that it “shut down a number of rooms” in the wake of complaints about anti-Semitism.


In this Transition Moment, A Chance to Appreciate What We Love...

Now that more and more people are getting vaccinated, many of us are gingerly returning to some of our old activities.

Serious Semite: Prince Philip and the Jews

The Duke’s conviction against anti-Semitism began at a young age.

“I am a Zionist”: Our Herzlian Jew-Jitsu Moments Twenty Years Ago

All over the Jewish world, people like me were standing up and going public, not just to defend our people — but to celebrate us.

Grandchildren Tell the Stories of their Survivor Grandparents in New Films

“Something had to be done so that these stories would resonate for today.”

Why Don’t More People Know About the Atrocities in Myanmar?

I’m waiting for the day when the plight of the Rohingya appears on the front page of every major American newspaper and is championed by every leader in the Muslim word.

Unscrolled, Acharei Mot-Kedoshim: Finding the God

When we come to the line “Do not lie with a male the lyings of woman; it is an abhorrence,” will I be up to the job?

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Lifting of Outdoor Mask Mandate is ‘Liberating,’ Israelis Say

Cases of the coronavirus continue to plummet as some scientists claim country may have reached herd immunity

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No, Israel is not an Apartheid

By using the inaccurate catch-all of apartheid, these critics delegitimize the state of Israel.

Can Jews Agree on Welcoming Refugees and Immigrants?

What we see at our southern border calls all Jews who believe in that phrase we recite at Passover to attention and action.

Has Free Speech Been Cancelled?

First in a Six-Part Series by Larry Greenfield

The Threat to Boycott JNF Threatens American Jews

The organizations threatening to boycott the JNF deny that they favor dividing Jerusalem.

Two Stories as We Celebrate 73 years of the State of Israel

My Zionism teaches me, and Nachman Shai teaches me, that to go back is no option.

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Curious Times Episode 21: A few gifts for Israel’s birthday and the weekly Torah portion

Reflections from Rabbi Adam Kligfeld and Matthew Schultz. Enjoy the conversation. Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Stitcher Follow David Suissa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Shtisel, Shiva and Donny Oy Vey!

What do shivas and b'nai mitzvah have in common? Bagels, of course, and this week, it's the new films "Shiva Baby" and "Donny's Bar...

Rabbi Reuven Wolf: Who Is The Jewish Messiah and When Is He Coming?

Rabbi Reuven Wolf of Maayon Yisroel Chassidic Center, takes us deep into Jewish mysticism as Sal and his rabbi explore some tough questions: Why...

Gadi Taub: Global Elites and National Citizens

Shmuel Rosner and Gadi Taub discuss Gadi's latest book: "Global Elites and National Citizens: The Attack of the Upper Classes on Israel's Democracy", now...

The Conservative meets the Democrat: Larry Greenfield and Hailey Soifer

 Larry Greenfield is a Fellow at The Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship & Political Philosophy and a frequent columnist with The Jewish...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Tazria-Metzora with Jonah Sanderson and Noah Pollock

Noah Pollock and Jonah Sanderson attend the Academy for Jewish Religion in California. Pollock was drawn to be a chaplain from reading stories from...

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Mystical Mikvah: Old Traditions for New Beginnings

Every community has different traditions surrounding the Mikvah, but I really loved this Syrian Mikvah ceremony because it included everyone.

4 Retirement Risks That Could Undermine Your Careful Planning

A number of risks to your retirement strategy can still lurk, even if you appear to have safely arrived at your post-work destination.

David Laskin Breaks New Ground in ‘What Sammy Knew’

The striking similarities between “What Sammy Knew” and today’s social movements are unmistakable.

Israeli and Palestinian Films Face Off for Oscar

In the short films category, both the Israeli and Palestinian entries have placed among the five finalists, no small feat in a field of 174 competitors.

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