Three Ways to Treat COVID Exhaustion

Many of us are approaching the COVID exhaustion phase.

Tisha B'Av

Rabbis of LA: Rabbi Sherre Hirsch – The Power of Jewish Wisdom

When she was in eighth grade, Rabbi Sherre Hirsch announced to her family that she was going to be a rabbi. 

Understanding Putin

When it comes right down to it, Vladimir Putin is still a Soviet.

The Enduring and Challenging Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Shortly after Abraham Joshua Heschel’s death in December 1972, one of his students, Jacob Neusner, published an article in praise of his teacher’s scholarship.

S.O.S.— Save Our Synagogues

Jewish communities nationwide are facing a watershed moment that may redefine the present and future of Jewish life in America.

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Pandemic Times

During World War II, over 550,000 American Jewish men and women served in the U.S. Armed Forces; 11,000 were killed and over 40,000 were wounded.
The kosher restaurant Holy Grill in the Pico-Robertson area was burglarized on November 15. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the suspect, a Black male in his 30s, took...

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Rabbis of LA | Dr. Tal Sessler: The Philosopher Rabbi

Rabbi Dr. Tal Sessler always loved learning about philosophy – it’s why he earned his doctorate in political philosophy from The New School.

A Different Kind of GivingTuesday Pledge

We just celebrated Giving Tuesday, a time when Americans of all backgrounds—including the Jewish community—donate to the nonprofit and charitable organizations that uplift and...

USC Student Senator Under Fire for Tweeting “I Want to Kill Every Motherf—ing Zionist,” Other Alleged Antisemitic Tweets

USC student Yasmeen Mashayekh is currently under fire over past tweets that Jewish groups are alleging are antisemitic.

CUNY Law Student Gov’t Passes Pro-BDS Resolution Targeting Groups Like Hillel

The City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law’s Student Government Association passed a resolution endorsing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement on December 2 that called for cutting “all ties” from groups like Hillel.

Antisemitic Stickers Found in Beverly Hills

A couple of antisemitic stickers were found in The Flats area of Beverly Hills on December 2.


Are We Losing Our Imaginations?

The state of the national discourse has become so stifling, hostile and tribal it may be eroding one of the great human traits—the power to imagine.

Satirical Semite: The Tale of Jonny 5-Vax

I bumped into an old friend who had done something radical. It had nothing to do with him having received five different vaccinations.

Rittenhouse Verdict Exposes Our National Divide

You may think of Kyle Rittenhouse as a villain, or as a hero.

Be the Light

In an unusual moment, just after celebrating our American holiday of Thanksgiving, we come to welcome Hanukkah.

Why Do Jews Have Such a Love Affair with the...

What is it about Israeli soldiers that drives my mother crazy in the best possible way?   

Blessing For What is Forbidden — and Permitted

In Parashat Miketz, Joseph is raised from the depths of the royal prison to the very heights of Pharoah’s palace.

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Los Angeles


UN Passes Resolution Omitting Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) passed a resolution on December 1 omitting any Jewish ties to the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

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Face to Face: The Way Jews Were Meant to Be

After many months of seeing faces partially covered by masks, we now know this to be true. When we see each other’s faces, finally, it is so much more than simply what we see with our eyes.

Constructive Ambivalence

Without ambivalence, change is often impossible. 

Congressman Says Jews Are Crazy

Congressman Bowman is not the first observer to make the insulting and false claim that Israeli Jews are mentally disturbed as a result of the Holocaust.

Hanukkah Behind the Ghetto Wall

Smuggled diaries remain one of the most valuable eyewitness accounts of the fate of the Jews in the Nazi era.

A Tale of Two Menorahs: Agnon Rekindles the Hanukkah Lights

With vivid childhood memories of Hanukkah flashing through his mind, Israeli author S. Y. Agnon sat in his book-lined study in his Jerusalem home to compose a new short story.

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Too Much to Talk About– Including Curb

Listen to the full episode on any of your favorite podcast platforms! In this new episode of "Conversations with Shanni," David and Shanni can't decide...

Mindy and Mandy Moved Us While Oscars Snoozed Us

After briefly breaking down the Oscars, the Bagels compare it to the Jewish community after COVID (of course) and wonder if the trailers for "In The...

Rabbi Reuven Wolf: Who Is The Jewish Messiah and When Is He Coming?

Rabbi Reuven Wolf of Maayon Yisroel Chassidic Center, takes us deep into Jewish mysticism as Sal and his rabbi explore some tough questions: Why...

Harry Freedman: “Leonard Cohen – The Mystical Roots of Genius”

Shmuel Rosner and Harry Freedman discuss his latest book "Leonard Cohen: The Mystical Roots of Genius".  Harry Freedman is a British author who writes on history, religion and...

This Isn’t About Kamala, It’s About America

I was sad to hear about Kamala Harris and the student incident. Not because I’m worried about the support for Israel, but because I’m worried about the state of America.

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Laughing in the Face of Alzheimer’s with Seth Rogen and Hilarity for Charity

“According to my imagination, which of these two characters [are] not circumcised? Predator, Marvin the Martian, Yoda, Alf or Steve Buscemi?”

“We’ve been here for two thousand years”: Dalia Sofer’s Novel of Post-Revolutionary Iran

We all know Jews have been part of the social fabric of Iran (formerly Persia) for millennia.

Five Israel-Infused Picture Books for Year-Round Reading

As an emerging picture-book writer, I’ve been immersing myself in the world of Jewish children’s literature for a while now. And I’ve been especially...

Two Israeli Films Vie for Oscars

Say what you will about Israeli filmmakers, you can’t accuse them of pulling their punches or avoiding sensitive subjects.

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