Florida Jewish Organizations Stepping Up to Help in Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

When Hurricane Ian hit Florida, Rabbi Sholom Schmerling of Chabad of Venice and North Port sprung into action. As the storm damaged his synagogue’s roof, blew over the menorah...

Tisha B'Av

Cover Story: Fighting Jew Hatred with Jewish Civil Rights

Brooke Goldstein is fighting Jew hatred with a civil rights movement that seeks justice for Jews.

Letter to Dean Chemerinsky on Behalf of American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

To read a related op-ed by Kenneth Marcus and response by Erwin Chemerinsky, click here. The American Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists (AAJLJ) is...

Berkeley’s Version of “Ghetto Benches”

In many universities in pre-World War II Poland, antisemitic faculty and students humiliated Jewish students by forcing them to sit in the back of classrooms. Those areas came to be known as the "ghetto benches."

What Happened to Dov?

“The one thing I was certain of was that the world would never be the same.” Twenty-one-year-old Haim Sabato goes to the battlefront in...

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Pandemic Times

Lawyer-activist Brooke Goldstein has helped start a movement that frames the fight against Jew hatred as a civil rights cause seeking justice for Jews.
The University of Southern California Hillel building was vandalized on the morning of August 23.

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The Power of the Fast

Fasting is an empowered choice.

Antisemitic Incidents Happen At Four US Universities During Rosh Hashanah

Three antisemitic incidents occurred at three different universities in the United States during Rosh Hashanah.

Rabbis of LA | Rabbi Arye Sufrin: A Legacy Educator Fulfilling His Destiny

When Rabbi Arye Sufrin graduated from Yeshiva University, he had no intention to go into the rabbinate. Instead, he became an accountant at Deloitte. 

JWW Global Soul Gala, United Hatzalah Fundraiser

Encino-based anti-genocide organization Jewish World Watch held its Global Soul gala at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank on Sept. 18.


On Becoming a Shofar

When we comment on the physical rituals of our tradition, it’s usually to discuss what they symbolize.

Why It’s OK to Talk About the Moral Differences Between Societies

About 40 years after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued his fatwa calling for Muslims to murder Salman Rushdie, the Indian author was finally attacked and nearly killed.

Herzl Imagines Der Jundenstaat — the Jewish State

By 1895, Theodor Herzl was increasingly desperate to solve the Jewish Problem. Rebuffed by the super-philanthropist Baron Maurice de Hirsch, Herzl turned to Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, writing an even longer  65-page pitch. Rothschild and his wife, Adelheid von Rothschild, were bankrolling Jewish settlers in Rishon LeZion and Zichron Ya’akov.

Gates of Renewal

As Yom Kippur approaches, our sense of urgency rises.

Know Her Name: Mahsa Amini

There’s something about the murder of Mahsa Amini that has especially repulsed the world, including inside Iran.

A Rosh Hashanah Like No Other: How Agnon Brings Us...

It was a Rosh Hashanah like no other. It was the Rosh Hashanah when I felt as if I held a “Book of Life” in my hands. On that day, for the very first time, I opened S.Y. Agnon’s beautiful High Holy Days book “Yamim Noraim — Days of Awe.”

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French Muslim Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Jewish Roommate

A Muslim man was arrested for allegedly killing his roommate, Eyal Haddad, on August 20.

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The Hardest Lesson

The hardest lesson in life is learning that we have an expiration date. 

Two Kinds of Fasts

I’m aware this year that so many of the choices we make in the world don’t have to do with the facts on the ground but the attitudes we bring to them.

Berkeley Develops Jewish-Free Zones

Nine different law student groups at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Law, have begun this new academic year by amending bylaws to ensure that they will never invite any speakers that support Israel or Zionism.

Antisemitism—Not Russian Trolls—Was the Downfall of the Women’s March

The downfall of Women’s March Inc. was the irrefutable antisemitism of its leadership.

New Study Shows Jewish Students Are Self-Censoring, But Are They Also Leading the Push to Censor Others?

Being a Jewish student on a collegiate campus is not easy for many today.

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“Boredom is the biggest threat to Judaism”– Rabbi Steve Leder

Listen to the full episode on any of your favorite podcast platforms! In conversation with rabbi and author Steve Leder, on the meaning of regret,...

Mindy and Mandy Moved Us While Oscars Snoozed Us

After briefly breaking down the Oscars, the Bagels compare it to the Jewish community after COVID (of course) and wonder if the trailers for "In The...

Rabbi Doctor Daniel Friedman: Talmud For Regular Folks

Author and speaker Daniel Friedman shares transformative wisdom from our Sages, as well as surprising research from his doctoral thesis on American Christian attitudes...

Catherine Wolff: Beyond

Shmuel Rosner chats with Catherine Wolff about her book: "Beyond: How Humankind Thinks About Heaven." Catherine Wolff is a writer, editor, and former director of The...

This Isn’t About Kamala, It’s About America

I was sad to hear about Kamala Harris and the student incident. Not because I’m worried about the support for Israel, but because I’m worried about the state of America.

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Gangsterism in the Shmatte Business

When I first started reading "Button Man" by Andrew Gross, a historical novel loosely based on the life story of Gross’s grandfather, I couldn’t help but think of my own father.

New L.A. Production Company to Focus on Jewish Content

Leviathan touts itself as “the first independent production company focused on creating premium film and television content based on Jewish stories.”

Seth Glass’ Inspirational Music Takes Us Into the New Year

Living right here in Pico-Robertson is a man you may have seen playing his music on Pico Boulevard, or perhaps playing at a melaveh malkah after Shabbat. 

PBS Documentary Explores Why the U.S. Didn’t Do More to Stop the Holocaust

Over the course of the six-hour documentary, viewers get a deep dive into what the U.S. did and didn't do before, during and after the Holocaust.

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