December 8, 2019

JJ Editor's Picks

"On August 11th, two weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent soldiers in to pacify the Indian state of Kashmir, a reporter appeared on the news channel Republic TV, riding a motor scooter through the city of Srinagar. She was there to assure.."

"On Nov. 6, 2018, I was elected to Congress; at 31, I was one of the youngest women ever elected to the House of Representatives. One year later, I was sitting on a train to New York to meet with my lawyers about suing The Daily Mail for cyber..."

"Among the promised psychological and physical benefits of meditation are the elimination or reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as bipolar disorder, eating disorders, diabetes, substance abuse, chronic pain, blood pressure..."

"For decades, children have been fascinated by the garbage-collection vehicles that visit their home (as a kid, Finn’s dad wanted to grow up to be a garbage-truck driver himself, according to Finn’s mom), and their widespread fascination has been..."

"Like most millennials deep in debt, I don’t spend money on luxuries like cable TV. Instead, my phone is filled with a variety of free streaming apps to cast shows, many of which use ads. One such ad, for an app called Earnin, caught my attention..."

"Today, the third season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” begins. Over the past two seasons, the show has charmed viewers, bowled over by the plucky, rosy-cheeked and gorgeous Midge, who delivers both withering and naughty punchlines with panache..."

""On December 6, 2017, President Donald Trump made history. In a bold and courageous decision, he proclaimed what many knew in their hearts: that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel. Trump has long understood that Jerusalem was, is and.."

"The other week, I got a text from Amazon telling me a delivery person was at my door with a package, and immediately knew it was a scam. Getting upwards of four spam calls a day, I was surprised the scammers had now pivoted to text—honestly..."