Dr. Nicole Saphier Reflects on Motherhood and Jewish Advocacy

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Saphier has put out a new book called, “Love, Mom: Inspiring Stories Celebrating Motherhood.”
April 18, 2024

Dr. Nicole Saphier was just 17 years old when she discovered she was pregnant. Along with the mix of emotions that brought, she also faced naysayers who told her she’d have to give up her dream of being a doctor to take care of her baby.

Fast forward decades later, and Saphier has proved them wrong. Not only is she a proud mother of her son, but she is also a FOX News medical contributor who works as an associate professor in radiology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical College.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Saphier has put out a new book called, “Love, Mom: Inspiring Stories Celebrating Motherhood,” which includes stories about motherhood from the doctor herself, along with co-host of “FOX & Friends Weekend” Rachel Campos-Duffy, who discusses raising nine children; bestselling author Janice Dean, who talks about the difficulty in navigating miscarriage; and FOX host Martha MacCallum, who highlights balancing work and motherhood and the importance of being kind to yourself.

The Journal caught up with Saphier, now a mother of three, who is married to Dr. Paul Saphier, a brain surgeon. She talked about “Love, Mom,” overcoming life’s obstacles and advocating for the Jewish community.

Answers have been edited for clarity and length.

Jewish Journal: Why is your book important?

Nicole Saphier: Motherhood is an incredible journey marked by love, sacrifice and resilience. The role of a mother extends far beyond biological ties, encompassing emotional support, nurturing and guidance. Sharing stories of motherhood, particularly ones that recount obstacles overcome, can offer invaluable support and solidarity to mothers everywhere. These narratives inspire hope, foster empathy and provide a sense of community, reminding mothers that they are not alone in their challenges and that their experiences are both valid and shared.

JJ: What do you hope people get out of it?

NS: As a teen mother, I faced numerous challenges and uncertainties, but through perseverance and determination, I’ve crafted a life filled with love, success and joy. Despite the initial obstacles, I’ve grown personally and professionally, proving that with resilience and support, even the most daunting circumstances can be overcome. My story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities that await those who choose to embrace life’s challenges with courage and optimism.

JJ: How has your life changed since Oct. 7?

NS: Since Oct. 7, like many, my life has been marked by change and emotional upheaval. One major shift was my nephew’s departure to rejoin the IDF, a decision that filled our family with both pride and concern. Additionally, the loss of friends who do not support Israel has been challenging, prompting me to reassess relationships and focus more attention on those who share my values and beliefs. These events have deepened my sense of connection to my family and reinforced the importance of standing firm in my convictions, even in the face of personal loss and adversity.

JJ: How do you advocate for the Jewish community?

NS: As a FOX News contributor, I leverage my public platform to advocate for the Jewish community, utilizing my voice to raise awareness about issues affecting Jewish people worldwide. Through my professional services, I maintain a special relationship with the Orthodox community, providing tailored support and guidance that respects their traditions and values. Following the Oct. 7 atrocity, I put together a community event for Jews and non-Jews to gather while I hosted a fireside chat with Lizzy Savetsky, a public pro-Israel voice.

JJ: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

NS: Family is everything; they are the anchor in life’s storms, the source of unconditional love, and the constant support that sustains us through every triumph and challenge. Unfortunately, it seems much of the world is losing sight of the importance of family. I put together this collection of motherhood stories to remind people to cherish their family because in their embrace, we find solace and the true essence of what it means to be cherished and valued.

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