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Giving Thanks for the Yummiest Holiday Ever

Little 7 year old me arrived in Los Angeles from Casablanca one week before Halloween. My uncle took me to get a costume and...

Glorious Gobbling: Whiskey and Oranges Make for a Juicy Bird

My best friend’s wedding was a joyous celebration. Friends and family were thrilled that two such amazing people had found each other. The bride...

The Not So Humble Chicken Soup

Every culture has a great recipe for chicken soup, but nothing beats a really fluffy matzo ball floating in a rich golden chicken broth....

Marvelously Magical White Beans

White beans cooked in a tomato broth and served over rice are the quintessential Sephardic comfort food. And they are the perfect food to...

Rice Is Nice With Everything

Someone once said that rice is the food equivalent of khaki pants—it goes with anything. Anthropologists are divided over whether the popular Asian rice we...

The Shepherd’s Pie Tradition

Every Friday morning, my phone would ring. “Boker Tov!” my grandmother would greet me. “You’re coming for dinner?” “Of course,” I would reply. “You’re making Shepherd’s Pie?”...

The Robust and Zesty Soup You Will Fall In Love With

Recently, when Rachel and I did a Zoom cooking demonstration for the young women of the Jewish Federation’s Emerging Philanthropists group, I was really...

A Simchat Torah Menu Everyone Can Love

If you lived in New York in the ’80s, you experienced a city on steroids. From the hit Broadway shows “Les Miserables,” “Dreamgirls” and “Phantom...

The Star of the Sukkot Party: Stuffed Grape Leaves

The highlight of the Sukkot holiday has always been nabbing an invite to the Sheff family’s sukkah party. Every year explored a new theme,...

From a Small Etrog, an Ancient Custom Grew

Far from merely being a fragrant, ornamental lemon, the etrog has a colorful, secret history that is as fascinating as its aroma is intoxicating.

The Sweetness of Yom Kippurs Past

Sharon Gomperts: My family is visiting the apartment building in Israel where my uncles and their families live. I awake in the middle of...

Mothers and Daughters, Honey and Joy

We hope you try it with the future cooks and bakers in your lives. And we wish you a new year as sweet as Honey Joys. 

Jazz and Cooking Prodigies Potash Twins Whip Up Takeout Recipes in Food Network Kitchen App Series

They developed the 10-episode series to see if home cooks could make a recipe “equally as good if not better than” the takeout alternative.

A Taste of Honey on Rosh Hashanah

A fine honey really tastes sweeter than wine. And much like a fine wine, a fine raw honey provides a great richness and subtlety of flavors on your tongue.

An Abundance of Blessings

We hope you enjoy the creative way we cooked the simanim and that you try these little amuse-bouches at your seder.

A Sugar-Coated Wish for a Sweet New Year

We baked these in the hope that they portend a year of good fortune. 

A Moroccan Feast for the New Year

The centerpiece in the cuisine of Algerian, Tunisian and Moroccan Jews, couscous represents happiness and abundance, prosperity and blessing.

‘Where’s the Beef?’ Serves Up Passionate Appeal for Veganism

Ori Shavit's passion for veganism is grounded in her fight against the idea that humans have the right to use other species as they please. 

Perfecting a North African Kitchen Staple: Moroccan ‘Tortitas’

A crisp bite of Moroccan galette with a steaming cup of fresh mint tea: This is the definition of a simple pleasure, a pick me up

An Unforgettable Asian Noodle Salad

One of the simplest recipes, Asian Noodle Salad, has proven to be one of the most popular, loved equally by adults and children.

The Perfect Fit for Shabbat: Meat-and-Potato Croquette

In the Sephardic world, this labor-intensive food was reserved for Shabbat and holidays.

‘Modern Kosher’ Offers a Taste of Jewish Cuisine’s Evolution

The book is so inventive and inviting that it has a shelf life that will extend far beyond our present circumstances.

From Iraq, With Love: How to Make the Perfect Sabich

Our family still eats this meal every Shabbat and even if my mother is hosting, I make the eggplant and butternut squash.

The Allure of the Onion: Perfectly Piquant ‘Pizza’

Every roast, every chicken, every stew, every soup starts with onion. It’s engraved in stone for a Sephardic cook. 

Sourdough: The Bread for the Soul

Sourdough is a combination of art and science; the ingredients are simple — flour, water and salt — but the nutritional benefits are great.

Adapt and Adopt: The Evolution of Latin American Jewish Cuisine

Cohen said that the Sephardic Jews who immigrated to Latin America tended to adapt quickly because most knew Judeo-Spanish, similar to Spanish and Portuguese

Add Vitamin D to Your Tisha B’Av Diet With Fish

With a little seasoning and some ingredient ingenuity, you can whip up a memorable fish dish with a vitamin D bonanza.

Zach Banner Endorses Challah Back Girls Who Bake to Raise Funds for Social Justice Groups

To date, they have received more than 200 orders, baked more than 500 challahs, and shipped the bread to more than 130 cities in 27 states.

Comic Jena Friedman Serves up Food and Humor in ‘The Joy of Quarantine’

Friedman makes an “everything” bagel from pizza dough; makes kugel with potatoes, broccoli and green beans; and whips up cholent with Slivovitz.

The Kingly Roots of Kitchri: Lentils With Love

The combination of rice and lentils gives a nutty depth and makes this dish a source of complete protein.

New Articles

PA TV Accuses Israel of “Deliberately Killing Palestinian Children”

On November 21, The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) official television network accused Israel of “deliberately killing Palestinian children” during a children’s television program. Palestinian Media Watch...

Dr. Sharon Gillerman, HUC/USC Professor, 60

We mourn the untimely death, on Nov 20th, of our beloved friend, teacher and colleague, Dr. Sharon Gillerman, scholar of modern European Jewish history...

Where Tony Blinken Stands on Jewish Issues, From Immigration to Israel

Tony Blinken, President-elect Joe Biden’s choice for secretary of state, is the stepson of a Holocaust survivor whose stories shaped his worldview and subsequently his policy decisions, including in the Middle East.

Tlaib: I Hope Blinken Doesn’t Suppress My Right to Speak Out Against Bibi

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) tweeted on November 22 that she hoped President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State Antony Blinken doesn’t infringe upon...

At G20 Summit, Pandemic Spurs Action

International leaders at the G20 summit called on Sunday in a closing statement for COVID-19 vaccines and other pandemic-related supplies to be distributed equitably to lower-income countries.

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