Tuesday, August 4, 2020


The Accidental Talmudist Podcast

Nas Daily: I Made 1000 Videos in 1000 Days and Received 6 Billion Views

Nas Yassin is an Arab Israeli who scored a full scholarship to Harvard and started Nas Daily, a wildly successful Facebook page with 26...

Shloime Zionce: Hasidic Travel Writer

 Shloime Zionce, the colorful travel correspondent for Ami Magazine, shares stories about finding kosher food in Afghanistan, explaining tefillin to airport security in Saudi...

Douglas Rushkoff: Is Social Media a Needed Tool or a Slow-Motion Bomb?

Cultural commentator Douglas Rushkoff has a unique take on the human condition in the modern world. Technology and culture alienates people from each other,...

Rabbi Shais Taub: How to Find the Truth About Yourself

Rabbi Taub is a prominent Chabad rabbi and an expert in Jewish spirituality and recovery from addiction. With a down-to-earth manner and talent for...

Dani Kollin: The Unincorporated Man

Author Dani Kollin and Sal explore their mutual love of science fiction, the good and bad of capitalism, what happens if people are financial...

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman: What is Chassidus?

Rabbi Freeman, a self-described “un-Orthodox rabbi,” shares unexpectedChassidic teachings that help us come closer to God, each other and our own true selves. Rabbi Freeman,...

Rabbi Manis Friedman: The Joy of Intimacy

Chabad rabbi, author, and public speaker Manis Friedman explains why “I love you” is the worst thing you can say to your spouse. Rabbi Friedman’s...

Stephen Tobolowsky: My Adventures with God

Legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky talks about finding meaning, keeping bees, and what to do when your mom shows up and you’re hosting a...

New Articles

AJC Calls on Washington Post to Correct Op-Ed Calling Israel ‘Ethnically Exclusive’

"Calling Israel ‘ethnically exclusive’ is a lie and an insult to 25% of Israel’s population who aren’t Jewish but are full participants in its democracy."

Israel Offers Aid to Lebanon Follow Explosions at Beirut Port

Lebanon is not expected to accept the offer.

‘Harry Potter’ Star Jason Isaacs Opens up About His Struggle With Addiction

"Every action was filtered through a burning need I had for being as far from a conscious, thinking, feeling person as possible."

Trump Pronounces Yosemite as ‘Yo Semites’

Twitter users responded with various jokes on the matter.

Alexander Vindman Decries Trump’s ‘Efforts to Undermine the Very Foundations of Our Democracy’

"At no point in my career or life have I felt our nation’s values under greater threat and in more peril than at this," Vindman wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post.

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