February 23, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your coverage of the recent fires in Northern and Southern California. I am struck by how good we humans are at helping
Mass Shootings Can Be Stopped: My heart goes out to the families of the Borderline Bar & Grill victims, who joined a club
I have recently read your article on “How Israel Is Helping the Worldwide Water Shortage” and I would like to give my opinion on it.
Trump and Israel: Who to Believe The dual articles on “Why Trump Is Bad/Good for Israel” by David Lehrer and Janice Kamenir-Reznik,
Civility Is a Casualty in Political Discourse I admit to being a liberal progressive and thus my political, cultural and social views and
Make More Dressing, Just in Case What an honor to be part of such a wonderful Rosh Hashanah food issue
A Rational Approach to Religion My anxieties over David Suissa’s ascendency to the Journal’s throne were relieved after seeing it was...
Reviving Judaism For 30-plus years, the Conservative movement has not seriously addressed why younger Jews have left this branch...
U.S. Scraps Iran Nuclear Agreement Let’s start with the proposition that Iran is a very bad actor. Let us also agree that without...
Natalie Portman’s Israel Decision Is Natalie Portman wrong about not visiting Israel to pick up the Genesis Prize? Right? Justified?
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