January 28, 2020

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More than 70% of our readers rely on the Jewish Journal for help in making their purchasing decisions with 57% saying they have purchased products and services from Ads!*


Advertise Locally with the Print Edition: The Jewish Journal is one of the largest Jewish weeklies in the United States, with 150,000 readers from across the greater Los Angeles area and more than 600 pickup locations from Santa Barbara to Long Beach and Malibu to Pasadena.


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Did You Know:

  • The Jewish Journal has a circulation of 150,000
  • JewishJournal.com has 250K monthly Visitors, 40K Email subscribers, 21K followers on Facebook, 35K on Twitter and 12K on Instagram.
  • Jewish Journal readers have an average annual household income of $270K.
  • 78% of readers have college degrees.
  • 80% of readers regularly attend entertainment and sports events.
  • 34% of readers travel six or more times per year for pleasure.
  • 57% say they have purchased products and services from Ads.
  • JewishJournal.com has advertising click-through rates of 0.6% – triple the industry standard!


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*2016 Reader Survey

*2015 White House Press Release