Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Editor's Note

What Are We Afraid Of?

If our fear of death has gone way down and our appreciation of life has gone way up, maybe we’ll be better equipped to conquer our other fears.

Pandemic Purim Brings Home the Value of Humility

Purim serves as a cautionary tale against the simplified narrative of one-dimensional victories.

Tiger Woods, A Car Crash and Our Pandemic Year

I saw in the accident a symbol of the horrific pandemic that has upended our lives in countless ways.

Even With Strict Compliance, the Iran Deal Allows a Path to Nuclear Weapons

When the stakes are so high, permanence is everything.

Texas Disaster: Bad Luck or Climate Change? Maybe Both

When something happens once every hundred years, it’s hard to plan for it, especially if that planning is very costly.

Big Tech Can’t “Augment” Our Reality, But We Can

When there’s too much technology between us and reality, reality itself speeds up and gets distorted.

Attention as an Expression of Love

It is precisely because it has become so difficult that we must go out of our way to donate our attention.

Texas Nightmare Reminds Us That Electricity is the Oxygen of Civilization

The horrible images coming out of Texas this week, with millions of people losing electricity amidst freezing temperatures, is an excruciating example of the power of electricity in dictating our lives.

Being Grateful for Problems

It’s a well-known and powerful idea to express gratitude for life’s blessings.

Meltdown at The New York Times Over N-Word

In a cancel culture run amok, one of the biggest fears in America today is the fear of saying the wrong thing.

On Listening to Our Inner Voice and Finding True Rest

By giving us true rest and a place for quiet contemplation, the sanctity of Shabbat can help us find that inner voice.

A Vaccine Miracle Rises from the Ashes of Salonica

A son of Holocaust survivors has helped provide the vaccine that will save countless lives.

Why “Valley of Tears” Brought Me to Tears

I didn’t know much about “Valley of Tears,” a new show from Israel that came highly recommended. I like surprises, so I dove right in.

Holocaust Remembrance and Tu Bishvat: Resilience Meets Renewal

Today (Jan. 27) is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and tonight we welcome the holiday of Tu Bishvat, also known as the Jewish “birthday” of the trees.

Israel Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Palestinian Conflict, Including the Issue of Settlements

When it comes to ignoring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it’s fair to say the party’s over.

The Day Kobe Bryant Died

Editor’s note: On the first anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death, we republish this piece from last year. My two worlds collided on Sunday, Jan. 26,...

On the Same Day He Preached Unity, Biden Went the Other Way

Instead of kicking off his presidency by focusing on issues that unite the country, Biden signed a series of executive orders as a “means of erasing” the legacy of a man who got 74 million votes.

What We Can Learn from Master Schmoozer Larry King

You can call Larry King, who passed away on Saturday at 87, one of the world’s great interviewers, and he certainly was.

The Biden Era Promises Normal Arguments — Let’s Start with the Iran Deal

One of the worst aspects of the Trump era is that it was so difficult to have a normal argument.

The Future of Our Divided Nation Rests with Martin Luther King

Two days before President-elect Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address, we honor a man today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, whose message should inform any leader interested in national unity.

Honoring the Departed

I like to call my friends on their birthdays, but until yesterday, it never dawned on me to also call them on the anniversary of the passing of a loved one.

My Two Memories of Sheldon Adelson

Like many people involved in Jewish causes, I had many occasions over the years to meet Sheldon Adelson, who passed away today at the age of 87.

The Capitol Riots and the COVID-19 Vaccine Both Strengthen Our Immune System

Just like the vaccine, the rioters were target practice that will help strengthen our immune system.

How Trump and His People Self-Destructed

They came by the thousands from all over to support him, but in the end, all they did was put the last nail in his coffin.

How Do We Describe Madness?

When emotions run high, it’s hard to find the right words.

Why January 6, 2021 Will Live in Infamy

Sadly, we’re not sitting in a movie theater and watching a tense thriller about an out-of-control president. This is real life.

Living While Others Are Dying

After many months of hard-earned progress, it seems we’re back where we started. Our hospitals are declaring “internal disasters.”

The Best Way to Fight Anti-Semitism is With Happy Jews, Not Angry Jews

We don’t need more education about Jew-hatred; we need more education about Judaism.

Regaining Our Liberty: Why 2021 Has to Be Better than 2020

I’m a liberty junkie. You can try to persuade me to do anything, even change my life or beliefs. Just don’t force me.

In 2020, We Discovered the 365-Day News Cycle

Wherever we turned, wherever we looked, we were forced to confront an all-consuming crisis.

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