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On the Same Day He Preached Unity, Biden Went the Other Way

Instead of kicking off his presidency by focusing on issues that unite the country, Biden signed a series of executive orders as a “means of erasing” the legacy of a man who got 74 million votes.

What We Can Learn from Master Schmoozer Larry King

You can call Larry King, who passed away on Saturday at 87, one of the world’s great interviewers, and he certainly was.

The Biden Era Promises Normal Arguments — Let’s Start with the Iran Deal

One of the worst aspects of the Trump era is that it was so difficult to have a normal argument.

The Future of Our Divided Nation Rests with Martin Luther King

Two days before President-elect Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address, we honor a man today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, whose message should inform any leader interested in national unity.

Honoring the Departed

I like to call my friends on their birthdays, but until yesterday, it never dawned on me to also call them on the anniversary of the passing of a loved one.

My Two Memories of Sheldon Adelson

Like many people involved in Jewish causes, I had many occasions over the years to meet Sheldon Adelson, who passed away today at the age of 87.

The Capitol Riots and the COVID-19 Vaccine Both Strengthen Our Immune System

Just like the vaccine, the rioters were target practice that will help strengthen our immune system.

How Trump and His People Self-Destructed

They came by the thousands from all over to support him, but in the end, all they did was put the last nail in his coffin.

How Do We Describe Madness?

When emotions run high, it’s hard to find the right words.

Why January 6, 2021 Will Live in Infamy

Sadly, we’re not sitting in a movie theater and watching a tense thriller about an out-of-control president. This is real life.

Living While Others Are Dying

After many months of hard-earned progress, it seems we’re back where we started. Our hospitals are declaring “internal disasters.”

The Best Way to Fight Anti-Semitism is With Happy Jews, Not Angry Jews

We don’t need more education about Jew-hatred; we need more education about Judaism.

Regaining Our Liberty: Why 2021 Has to Be Better than 2020

I’m a liberty junkie. You can try to persuade me to do anything, even change my life or beliefs. Just don’t force me.

In 2020, We Discovered the 365-Day News Cycle

Wherever we turned, wherever we looked, we were forced to confront an all-consuming crisis.

Pain Brought Us Together in 2020, But Also Separated Us

We may have been in the same storm this pandemic year, but each of us in our own boats.

In 2020, We Replaced the American Dream with the American Scream

This hasn’t been a good year for dreams. Maybe the fear of a pandemic has a way of shrinking one’s aspirations.

Texting is Not Enough. Let’s Pick Up the Phone and Use Our Voices.

Let’s not lose sight of the power of a human voice.

Between Peak Fear and Peak Hope: Where We Are Now

We are entering a bizarre moment, caught between two extremes.

Ignoring Racial Progress Hurts Future Progress

Telling America it is irredeemably racist undermines faith in our country. It encourages the taking down of institutions rather than their reform.

Jewish Identity, One Mitzvah at a Time

I can spend years asking myself, “Who am I?” But it won’t guide me as much as asking, “What should I do now?”

In the Era of High Stakes, Can We Ever Regain Our Sense of Humor?

Is it possible to fight the decline of Western civilization without taking ourselves so seriously?

The Marriage of Hanukkah and Shabbat Brings a Special Light

Once a year, we do a double, magical lighting. The candles of Shabbat meet the candles of Hanukkah.

Another Hanukkah Miracle: Morocco and Israel

Today’s announcement that Israel and Morocco have agreed to establish diplomatic relations is an extraordinary moment and means so much to me.

Our Worst Year Ends in a Hanukkah Miracle

Scientists burned the midnight oil for eight long months to bring us a vaccine that will rescue a suffering world.

No, Mayor Garcetti, It’s Not Time to “Cancel Everything”

One of the problems with politicians is they misunderstand their power. They assume that because they can set the rules, that is all the power they have.

Lowering Expectations Can Be Good for Our Health

One of the great lessons of 2020 is that we need healthy doses of both optimism and pessimism.

Thankful for a Chair and a Table

If we can’t celebrate the holiday the way we're used to, we can double down on celebrating its message of gratitude.

Playing Loser is the One Role Trump Can’t Play

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s well-known that President Donald Trump has had a lifelong obsession with looking like a “winner.”

My Favorite Silver Lining of 2020: More Time to Think

When hardships strike, human beings cope by looking for silver linings — for any hidden blessing that might mitigate the hardship.

On Sunday, I Witnessed An Actual Jewish Event

In pandemic times, safe, live events may not look like the old ones, but they are doable.

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