Middle East

Iranian State-Run Paper Threatens to Destroy Israel: “Just One Wrong Move!”

The Tehran Times, an Iranian state-run newspaper, issued a threat against Israel with the headline “Just One Wrong Move!” and a map of targets for Iranian missile attacks.

Some Gulf Countries, Israel Ready to Vaccinate Children Against COVID-19

Discussions, approval to vaccinate children ages 5-11 come after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted to recommend the Pfizer vaccine at a smaller dose for them

New Twitter MENA News Curator Apologizes for Past Tweets Supporting Farrakhan

Twitter’s new Middle East and North Africa (MENA) news curator has apologized for her past tweets voicing support for Nation of Islam leader Louis...

Jewish Groups React to Kabul Bombings

Jewish groups are offering their condolences and reactions after two explosions on August 26 near Hamd Kharzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Taliban Triumph in Afghanistan Has Arab States and Israel Hedging Dependence on US

The Taliban’s quick takeover of Afghanistan has Middle Eastern countries deeply concerned about their dependence on the U.S. security umbrella.

What We Know about Zebulun Simantov, Afghanistan’s Last Jew Who Still Won’t Leave the Country

Amid the Taliban’s total takeover of Afghanistan this week, some had specific concerns about one person: that country’s last remaining Jew, 62-year-old Zebulun Simantov.

Palestinians Burn Star of David, Swastika During West Bank Riot

A wooden Star of David with a swastika inside of it was burned during an August 14 Palestinian riot in the West Bank.

Hamas Celebrates Taliban Retaking Afghanistan

Hamas issued a statement on August 16 congratulating the Taliban for retaking Afghanistan as United States forces are withdrawing from the country.

Israel’s UN Envoy Demands Security Council Sanction Iran for Maritime Attack

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan: The council must not sit idly by in the face of Iran’s “murderous and brazen” acts.

Israel Consul General, ZOA President Discuss Iran in Iranian Americans for Liberty Webinar

Israeli Consul General of the Pacific Northwest Dr. Hillel Newman and Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton Klein discussed the history between...

Abraham Accords Fulfilled as UAE Opens Embassy in Tel Aviv

The embassy will be a base ‘to build a new paradigm of peace,’ said UAE Ambassador Mohamed Al Khaja.

Gaza Prof: “Israel Will Be Destroyed,” Some Jews “Will Be Killed, Some Will Be taken Captive, and Others Will Escape”

A professor in the Gaza Strip told Al-Aqsa TV on July 2 that “Israel will be destroyed” but some Jews will be able to escape.

Islamic Jihad Teen Soldier: “We Asked Hitler Why He Left Some of You Alive”

"He did so in order to show us how wicked you are.”

PA Gov Bans Hebrew Signs

One of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) governors has barred businesses from displaying signs in Hebrew in his West Bank district.

Human Rights Legal Group Calls on UN to Take Action Against Hamas Use of Child Soldiers

The International Legal Forum, a human rights legal group based in Israel, sent a letter to the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) on...

Youths Lining Up for Vaccines in Saudi Arabia, Israel

Israel is in a race against time to get as many teens vaccinated as possible before the expiration of some 1.4 million vaccine doses at the end of July.

Former Kuwaiti Minister Calls for “Palestinian Spring” to “Oust” Palestinian Leaders

A former Kuwaiti Minister of Information called for a “Palestinian spring” to “oust” the Palestinian leaders that control the West Bank in a June...

New Middle East Bigger Than Any One Government

Governments are more assertively staking out their Israelophilic credentials.

Israel and Lebanon Resume Maritime Border Talks

US-brokered meeting over decades-old Mediterranean dispute a ‘positive step,’ State Department says.

Palestinian Election Postponement Announcement Expected

Fearing major loss for his Fatah party, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will delay May elections, placing blame on Israel for not allowing east Jerusalem voting

Facebook Blocks PA-Connected Hacking Ring Targeting Journalists, Activists

Acting from the West Bank, the group – allegedly connected to Palestinian intelligence – used ‘low-sophistication malware’ to spy on its targets

On Earth Day, Environmentalists Warn Red Sea Coral Reefs ‘Under Severe Threat’

Popular Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian tourist destinations also imperiled by Israel-UAE oil transport deal

Report: Natanz Blast Was Caused By a Remotely Detonated Device

Detonation took out both the main and backup electrical systems, according to “The New York Times” • Attack was “beautiful,” says Iranian Parliament Energy Committee head.

Central Iranian Nuclear Site Knocked Out Hours After Activating Advanced Centrifuges

Mysterious power outage occurs as Israel hosts US defense secretary, following Vienna talks

Biden’s Push for Restoring Aid to Palestinians Faces Legal Hurdles and Brewing Political Crisis

The new administration is pushing more fiscal aid and a return to the negotiating table as Palestinians head for elections in May.

Red Sea on the Brink of Environmental Catastrophe

Abandoned, rebel-held Yemeni tanker could spill four times as much oil as Exxon Valdez

US Expresses ‘Full Support’ for Jordan’s King Abdullah Following Alleged Coup Attempt

In what he says might be his last message, the former Jordanian crown prince, accused of the plot, claims that he’s confined to his home, with his Internet and phone lines cut.

US to Offer Compromise to Iran, Hoping to Kick-start Nuke Talks

Until now, both sides insisted the other be the first to return to compliance

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