A Great Phone Call

Thank you, David for the call, and thank you God for giving us the power of Teshuva (repentance) and the ability for us to accept a heartfelt “I’m sorry” when it’s handed to us. 

Are We Losing Our Imagination?

The state of the national discourse has become so ugly, hostile and tribal it may be eroding one of the great human traits—the power to imagine.

Are Bialys Having a Moment?

Who knew it would take 40 years to taste the yeasty onion-strewn bread of my youth again? When I spotted some, next to the bagels on a generous buffet table at a recent event, I had to pinch myself.

Israeli Pride and Prejudice

Not only does IGY champion LGBT rights, but also relationships between those who are consistently portrayed as enemies.

Checking White Privilege at the Beverly Hills Public Library

The other day at the Beverly Hills Public Library, I found that some librarians are a little too enthusiastic about leaping into service, even before they are asked

Jews Need More Allies

The most important existential threat to the Jewish community is neither Iran or intermarriage. Rather it is our increasing political and cultural isolation, and the resulting hostility that we face from both ends of the ideological spectrum.

Are Jews in Iran Safe? Don’t Ask a Rabbi in Tehran

To expect someone who could face arrest back home (and put the safety of his community at risk) to speak truthfully about such issues is fantastically naive.

Colin Powell and His Yiddish Heart

As the eulogies and features of his life played endlessly this week, there is one story that rises above all others in its simple wisdom, like a chassidic proverb.

The Anti-Vaxxer Who Stole the Holidays

My wife issued an edict nixing our attendance at her family’s annual holiday gathering this year.

Dances with Judea Pearl

At 85, he is one of the most fast-witted, clarity-driven, and funniest people I know.

Judea Pearl: Reflections on Loss, Artificial Intelligence, and “Zionophobia”

He holds seven honorary doctorates and is the recipient of the A.M. Turing Award (called the “Nobel Prize of Computing”), but the first question I wanted to ask Dr. Judea Pearl focused on the flaws that his late wife, Ruth, z’l, found most unnerving about him.

How the Orange County Oil Spill Is Connected to the Pico-Robertson Drill Site

Activists and community leaders in Pico-Robertson have been in a decades-long battle with the city to regulate the West Pico Oil Drill Site, which has facilities along West Pico Boulevard near Doheny Drive.

California Confronts Hate Through Joint Efforts

Gavin Newsom has run in four statewide elections, and I have voted for and against him.

Satirical Semite: Homecoming

Life may have changed, but it’s still one of the most exciting places on the planet, and I’m just grateful to have that visa.

Why Jewish Artists and Entertainers Should Never Be the Last to Know

It was a revelatory week for at least two Jewish artists who, improbably, were taken by complete surprise.

In the Middle East, Not All Dreams Are Created Equal

Being in Israel brings out the dreaming in you. The country, after all, represents the culmination of a 1900-year-old dream.

You’re Too Thin

Once you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, some people will compliment you and others will start saying disturbing things to you.

Yes, We Still Need to Talk About the Working Moms’ Crisis

A boss once told me, working-mom to working-mom: “My kids are now in middle school, but every morning still feels like a [flipping] miracle. A [flipping] miracle, Randi.”

Kamala Harris Should Be Judged By Her Own Standards

Last week, the Vice President was speaking to a college class when a student expressed frustration that her campus organizing against U.S. funding for Israel had been ineffective.

Meet Georgie, Our Guinea Pig

“I’m not sure I like the way it’s looking at me,” my father remarked about the guinea pig I procured for my kids last October. 

Nancy Pelosi Must be Dreaming of Israel’s Coalition

In her frantic efforts to get the factions in her party to compromise, I wonder if Nancy Pelosi's been thinking (or dreaming) of Israel’s “unity” coalition.

A Silent Arab Spring is Sprouting…in Israel

Here’s the thing about Israel: You can read a thousand tweets and media commentaries spouting one opinion or another, but it really helps to actually walk the streets.

My First Challah

Good news from Austin! My two grandchildren are back in school—masked and socially-distanced but very happy to have their lives back.

Israel and America: Vive La Différence

It’s one thing to engage in civil dialogue while expressing our disagreements; it’s quite another to lash out and lecture one another while ignoring our radically different predicaments. 

Iran Arrested a Popular Rapper. Anyone Care?

Let’s play a guessing game. In the past decade and a half, which of the following has Iran arrested?

Jews Could Use More Friends

Winston Churchill famously said that “nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

The Kabbalah of Healing

Since early times, these letters have fascinated many with their transformative power and universal vision.

Of Garish Dresses and Iron Domes

The magical Iron Dome, that miracle air-defense system that protects Israel from rocket-launching neighbors, apparently also works wonders when threatened by the wearer of a designer dress laced with the graffiti art of the progressive left. 

The 355 Days of Awe

Instead of simply seeking forgiveness for past sins, shouldn’t I be more focused on how to avoid these sins in the future?

How the Two-State Solution Act Undermines Peace

If someone stole your car, would you feel obligated to negotiate with them to get it back? You need go no further than that analogy to understand why the Israeli-Palestinian peace “process” has been such an epic failure.

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