Sunday, May 16, 2021



The Melting of the American Melting Pot

Today, we are guided by an entirely different impulse, the woke warfare of tribal feuds, shouting slogans in anti-American solidarity.

Abolitionist Rabbis: Their Urgent Lessons for Today

The halakhist and the reformer both returned to narrative and in it they found a new understanding.

This Passover, We Must Liberate Free Speech From the Bondage of Fear

One of the biggest fears in America today is the fear of saying the wrong thing.

Book Review: A Beginner’s Guide to America

It’s in the small things upon which the foundations of becoming Americanized are formed.

The Time Iran Sheltered Jews During the Holocaust

On March 17, Dekel will share her family’s journey during a virtual program.

Life as a Calling

The Torah is addressing the universal Moses lurking within each and every one of us.

With Trump Gone, Anti-Trump Governors Find Life More Difficult

Cuomo and Newsom’s difficulties are attracting more attention.

How EMDR was my Emotional Exodus

Until now, I had never comforted my scared little girl.

New Website Is the Jewish Yelp

The goal is to encourage Jewish consumers to give their business to fellow Jews and provide them with feedback.

Bakersfield Chabad Creating a Holocaust Memorial Out of Six Million Buttons

The rabbi’s ultimate goal with the memorial is to partake in tikkun olam and rectify the world, as well as to bring Jewish people closer to Judaism.

Q&A with Rep. Ted Lieu on Combating Anti-Semitism

“Addressing anti-Semitism is not a Democratic or Republican issue — it’s about human decency.”

On Cuomo’s Past Words and a Lesson from Passover

When we prepare for the eight days, we are commanded to clean out the chametz from our homes, not the homes of our neighbors.

Mark Schiff on the Good Old Days

I’ll need two things: a Jewish neighborhood and to be near a hospital.

Satirical Semite: Good Deeds Unpunished

My first introduction to American-style giving was a culture shock.

Vision and Detail

This precarious balance between macro and micro is exactly what the Torah expects from us as individuals.

From Herd Resistance to Herd Immunity: One Year of COVID-19

The tide may be turning in our favor. We all need to do our part to maximize the chances of success.

Instead of Cancelling Meyers Leonard, Let’s Invite Him for Shabbat Dinner

The process of cancelling NBA player Meyers Leonard for using an anti-Semitic slur has begun in earnest.

The Women of the Exodus Story

Let’s celebrate their legacy this month — from International Women’s Day to Passover.

This Women’s History Month, We’re Writing a Bleak History

The numbers don’t lie: We’re doing a terrible job.

Will Eco-Terrorism Become the New Threat to Israel?

Those sticky fingers leave enough dirty, traceable marks to offer an irrefutable sea of evidence.

Senator Manchin: Biden’s Ambassador to the GOP

Biden has managed to achieve a bipartisan bill without any Republican support.

Lauren Tarshis Teaches Kids About Resilience in Graphic Novel

“I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944” shows the protagonists fighting back against the Nazis and succeeding.

The Raging of Cancel Culture is a Threat to Us All

Our nation is terminally divided, and unlike the Civil War, this time it is not but one single issue that separate us.

Will We Miss Anything After We Leave Our Pandemic Cocoons?

With vaccinations spreading rapidly like millions of bees pollinating prairies, our country is finally starting to come out of its hibernation.

Film Review: Intermarriage, Iranian Jewish Style

“Over My Dead Body” chronicles the response of an Iranian Jewish family in Beverly Hills to the news that their daughter has decided to marry a Muslim Iranian.

Sandra Caplan Community Beit Din Honoring Rabbi Stephen Einstein

“The way he responded to each question and person made them feel valued.”

Satirical Semite: The Psychic Asparagus

Another alternative is to catch up on the important news items that we may have missed.

How Jewish Students Are Combatting Anti-Semitism on Campus: A Panel

Five students shared their experiences with on-campus anti-Semitism during a March 2 panel.

Comedy Central Founder Art Bell Releases New Book, “Constant Comedy”

It all started in 1989, when HBO launched The Comedy Channel.

Lady Gaga’s Got Nothing on Morah Sandi

She is as good as any working performer out there today.

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