Ancient Religion in a Modern World

What's wrong with ambition and pride?  In a revealing article in Mosaic Magazine titled "Homeric and Biblical Nobodies," Professor Jacob Howland compares the idea of...

A Yank’s Jubilee

Despite the erosion of British international stature and the predominance of egalitarian world views, the enormity of the crowd and its enthusiasm reflect the Queen’s personal popularity.

Looking for a Balanced Approach to Roe v. Wade

As a physician, I worry about the impending overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Remembering George Shapiro

George died on May 26 at his home in Beverly Hills. He was 91 years old.

I’d Be Lost Without the Torah

There is a teaching that every Jewish soul was at Mount Sinai receiving the Torah.

How a Misguided Slogan is Changing American Politics

At a time when we’ve never been more divided, fear for our safety is reminding us that our humanity comes before politics.

A New Black-Jewish Coalition

For more than a half century, the once-robust relationship between the Jewish and Black communities has gradually withered.

The McMansion Invasion

When I first saw the “For Sale” sign on the lawn, I should have guessed it would have a date with the wrecking ball.

Have You Ever Heard of the Farhud?

The Farhud (“pogrom” in Arabic) occurred in Baghdad during the Jewish holiday of Shavuot.

A World Bursting With Shehecheyanus

The shehecheyanu blessing reminds us to return to the real, to rediscover what makes us human, to make the old new again.

An Important Lesson From the Holocaust

One Sunday morning when I was about nine years old, my Hebrew school class was ushered into a large room to watch a film about the Holocaust.

Shavuot: The Great Marriage

Seven weeks after Pesach, when we celebrated the barley harvest, we now celebrate the wheat harvest.

Salonika, 1533: The Most Famous Tikkun Leil Shavuot

The illustrious world of Kabbalah and Mysticism as we know it was born on Shavuot in Salonika in 1533, courtesy of two outstanding Sephardic scholars.


An honest debate about rational gun laws is long overdue, and for that to happen the hyper-partisanship, extremist rhetoric, and gratuitous divisiveness need to end.

Survivors of Mass Shootings: Three Stories, as Shared by Their Mothers

Frequently forgotten are the stories, struggles and valiant rebuilding efforts of those who survived mass shootings — particularly the youth — but whose physical and emotional scars have yet to heal.

A Tight Mayoral Race

When Los Angeles voters go to the polls next week to begin the process of selecting the city’s next mayor, they will be looking backward rather than forward. 

Twenty-One Worlds

It is easy to forget that each of these lives represents an entire world, each face a family broken.

We Need Policy and Change—And Thoughts and Prayers, Too

In recent years, in the aftermath of mass shootings in the United States, people have attacked the phrase “thoughts and prayers.” Their argument is...

To Prevent Massacres Like Uvalde, We Need More Wisdom and Fewer Hysterics

Instead of trying to mass control weapons, Red Flag laws zero in on potential killers based on behavioral patterns we’ve seen in mass shootings.

Four Words to Change the World

They are so simple and yet they have eluded us since the beginning of time.

Go Take a Bath

I love taking baths. I love everything about them.

Think What You Want, But Follow the Rules

Different Jewish denominations have varying views on what it means to follow Jewish law.

Does Anybody Sleep Anymore?

According to one study, almost half of Americans say they feel tired between three and seven days per week, and 35.2% of all U.S. adults sleep less than seven hours per night. 

What a Difference a War Makes

The extremely tense relationships between U.S. and Saudi leaders were a relatively low-level concern until the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Five Classes That Should Be Offered in School, But Aren’t

The following is my dream list of classes I wish had existed when I was in middle school and high school.

Satirical Semite: God Save the King

There are many reasons to have a Royal Family, although there are strong sentiments on both sides.

Fighting Jew-Hatred As Winners, Not Victims

Is it possible that our fight against antisemitism has become so loud and alarmist that it can backfire and become counterproductive?

The Power of Speech

In a litigious world words have become a battlefield.

Why the News Can’t Make Us Happy

Many of us have a disconnect in our lives: we claim to seek happiness, but we can’t stop looking at the last thing that will make us happy — the news, especially the bad news.

Low Times at Beverly High

When I was a sixteen-year-old at Beverly Hills High School, I was suffering from acute depression. I just didn’t know it. And neither did anyone else.

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