Truth and Truthiness: The Changing Public Discourse About Masks and Vaccines

Even prior to COVID-19 ours has not been an era for facing stark reality.

Passover: Peoplehood Meets Ideahood

You may have noticed that in recent years, the term “Jewish peoplehood” has grown in prominence.

Connecting With God at Passover

The major theme of Passover is freedom.

Three Women to Watch

Three female leaders on three different continents have taken steps in the last several days to impact U.S. and global politics.

I Don’t Want a “New Normal” if it Means Not Leaving the House

Post-COVID, the silent enemy of civilized society may well be the Schlepp Factor.

Rabbi Uziel’s Passover Question: Why Be Jewish?

On the Jewish night of big questions, Former Israel Chief Sephardic Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel had one big question for all of us: Why be Jewish?

Eighteen Ways to Build Your Marriage

The following 18 marriage-boosting philosophies have helped us enormously and allowed us to provide a model for our children to follow in their own marriages.

Satirical Semite: The Right to Freed Speech

It is in celebration of Passover, the festival of freedom, that we can enjoy the free speech that is afforded to every American.

No, Secretary Blinken, Palestinian Terror is Not “Senseless”

In spreading the propaganda of Jews as foreigners and land thieves, Palestinian leaders know that nothing fires up the masses like Jerusalem.

Will Smith Vs. Amir Khoury

With all the talk about that dramatic moment at the Oscars, much of the world ignored a more important story, one about true courage and what it really means to come to someone’s defense.

Israel’s Unity Coalition Was Not Harming Jewish Identity, It Was Honoring It

What harms Jewish identity in Israel is cynicism. It’s the belief that governing coalitions that exclude significant segments of Israeli society are good for the country.

The Most Dangerous Month

Every ten years, the holidays of Passover, Easter and Ramadan overlap, and U.S. diplomats have been working with security officials throughout the region to prepare for an increased likelihood of violence in Jerusalem as tensions rise and true believers of all three faiths converge on the city. 

How a Woman Can Wear Down a Man

When it comes to how women treat men in male-female marriages, my eyes are open.

“Prayer for the French Republic”: A Message for American Jews

“Prayer for the French Republic” is a very Zionist play.

A Changed Turkey Can Be a Benefit to All

Change is happening fast in Turkey, and countries from Europe to the Middle East and the US are taking note.

Satirical Semite: A Republican-Democrat Love Story

My friend Jonny 8-Vax is in trouble. He avoided getting COVID due to his eight vaccines, but succumbed to something far worse. Jonny fell in love with a Democrat.

An Apology—Then and Now

I recently came across a letter of apology sent to me in 1982, when I was a 21-year-old senior at UC Berkeley, sent to me by a slightly older grad student named Todd.

How a Man Ages a Woman

Yes, men — even good men with good intentions — can slowly deplete women like no one else.

Five Rules to Nurture Communal Harmony

It seems as if every week, I get another call about another communal dispute.

Biden Can’t Avoid the Mideast

Joe Biden wasn’t the first U.S. president to think he could put the Middle East on the back burner while he focused on other global hot spots.

Systemic Racism Didn’t Hurt Will Smith, But Class Privilege Saved Him

Every soul in America knows that if a janitor had smacked Chris Rock, he would have been escorted out of the premises and put under arrest.

In Defense of Straight Talk

America’s institutions are failing abysmally, and our ideals are starting to lose all meaning. Most of the trouble has to do with a ferocious aversion to truth.

What No One Said About Will Smith’s Assault of Chris Rock: A Smack Hurts!

When Smith walked onstage and assaulted Rock, he violated what I consider the most important rule in all of life: yell at me, scream at me, insult me, but don’t touch my body.

Full Circles

Here we are today, 2022. The Cold War of my childhood has become a real war.

In the Heat of the Night

I have always loved the night. I’ve always found it wonderful.

When It Comes to Money, Focus on Your Blessings

Los Angeles is a place where you can very easily feel like you’re always trying to keep up with the Joneses.

How Can I Be So in Love With a Non-Jewish Holiday?

Nowruz is a huge deal, celebrated by over 300 million, from Parsi populations in India to Kurds in Iraq and Uighurs in China to Persian Jews in L.A.

Escape from Kyiv, Arrive in Los Angeles

How one woman’s life turned upside down in less than two weeks. She heard bombing near her apartment in Kiev, escaped across the border at night, traveled through three more countries, and is currently in Los Angeles.

AIPAC Stays on Mission

Republicans put the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in a delicate position. Then Democrats made the worst of it. The most likely loser is Israel. 

YULA/Shalhevet Part 2: On Being a Mensch–ALWAYS

The positive responses I got were grateful that I focused on two leaders who showed some wisdom in the midst of heated emotions.

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