Tabby Refael

Tabby Refael

Tabby Refael (on Twitter @RefaelTabby) is a Los Angeles based writer, speaker and activist.

A Prince Among Men

Why Iran’s Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi Wants Us to “Stop Hoping and Start Believing” in a Free Iran

How Jewish Journalism Has Changed After October 7

I wonder how, as a Jewish American writer, I can possibly return to capturing the kinds of human interest stories, general musings and personality profiles that have nothing to do with Israel, antisemitism and other urgent issues. 

What Will Become of the Jews of Iran? Part II

Last week, I discussed the current state of Jewish life in Iran, particularly after Oct. 7, and anticipated that readers would have one question on their minds at the end of my column: Can Jews today leave Iran?

What Will Become of the Jews of Iran? Part One

American Jews, by and large, don’t know enough about Iranian Jewry. That is why I want to help readers understand more about this ancient community and what is at stake for its present, as well as its future. 

We Need to Talk about Iran

We need to talk about Iran, and whether the war many of us have feared for the past two decades is at almost our doorstep. 

Can We Turn Curses into Blessings in 2024?

Since Oct. 7, I don’t know who is more cursed and who is more blessed anymore. The only clarity I have is a certain realization that behind some curses are hidden blessings.


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