June 17, 2019

Tabby Refael

If you flip through the pages of the Jewish Journal until you’ve found one “good” article to read, you’re a mindless consumer of the endangered medium known as print.
Canary Mission, a website that highlights hateful anti-Israel and anti-Semitic remarks, recently exposed statements by Lara Kollab
Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East and North Africa have practiced pre-wedding henna ceremonies for generations.
This isn’t Iran, it’s America, and help is available, if only we would banish the shame we associate with accessing such help. 
As I write this story, 77 people have died in the recent California fires and nearly 1,000 are unaccounted for.
Our leaders love inspiring us to give, but I believe that many of us have caused damage by inappropriate giving. 
I felt proud of Jack Nagel's indescribable generosity. After reading the third ad, I began to feel ashamed that I don’t prioritize giving.
Half of the Persians in the room wanted something like Halloween... they believed they could compartmentalize their identities
Another academic year is upon us, and if you’re feeling dejected about the treatment of Israel on American campuses, here’s a list
I've never liked the word "sin." I prefer the Hebrew translation “khet,” which more or less means a mistake.
How does an Iranian-American Jew who was born in post-revolutionary Iran, granted refugee asylum in the United States at the age of 7,
If He had created the first iPhone but had made it nearly impossible to get WiFi anywhere, Dayenu.  If He had made it possible to get...
As I was giving a talk for hundreds of people at a local Purim program last year, I was nearly booed off the stage by some elderly...
For the Iranian-American community in Los Angeles, the closing of Ketab Corp. was a major loss — one that took some history with it.