Tabby Refael

Tabby Refael

Tabby Refael (on Twitter @RefaelTabby) is a Los Angeles based writer, speaker and activist.

What Will Become of the Jews of Iran? Part One

American Jews, by and large, don’t know enough about Iranian Jewry. That is why I want to help readers understand more about this ancient community and what is at stake for its present, as well as its future. 

We Need to Talk about Iran

We need to talk about Iran, and whether the war many of us have feared for the past two decades is at almost our doorstep. 

Can We Turn Curses into Blessings in 2024?

Since Oct. 7, I don’t know who is more cursed and who is more blessed anymore. The only clarity I have is a certain realization that behind some curses are hidden blessings.

Dear Tabby: Extraterrestrial Edition

Questions from several extraterrestrials, identifying themselves only with first and last names based on characters from 1980s American sitcoms

It’s the Intifada, Stupid

Sometimes, it helps to call something by its name. It also helps that pro-Palestinian demonstrators themselves are chanting slogans such as “Globalize the intifada.” 


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