My Super Birthday Staycation at Hotel Erwin

December 21, 2020
Hotel Erwin, Photo by Lisa Niver

THANK YOU HOTEL ERWIN in Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach, Photo by Lisa Niver

VIDEO: My October Birthday Staycation at the Hotel Erwin

High Rooftop Lounge, Hotel Erwin Photo by Lisa Niver

I have always loved High Rooftop Lounge at the Hotel Erwin for celebrating and watching the sunset. For my birthday in October after 222 days in Los Angeles during COVID 19, this is my first time staying in the hotel and it was a spectacular experience.

All of the team are friendly, professional and following COVID19 procedures. The room was clean, bright and had a balcony where I ate meals I brought in from local neighborhood restaurants.

It was a gift to sleep steps from the sand and be able to easily walk on the beach for sunrise and sunset.

Sunset from High Rooftop Lounge, Hotel Erwin
Sunset from the RedBull Suite, Hotel Erwin, Venice Beach

Thank you for my local safe staycation!

Panoramic photo steps to the beach from Hotel Erwin by Lisa Niver
Night time at High Rooftop Lounge, Hotel Erwin
Venice Beach by Lisa Niver

Are you ready to book your visit? Stay at the Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach!

HANG OUT BY THE BOARDWALK: “Venice is different. Sure, it’s California, but it’s an area of California unlike any other; an area that Hotel ERWIN has personified since the ‘70s with its eclectic décor, friendly staff, and predominant location right on Venice Beach and adjacent to the world-famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. From day one, Hotel ERWIN has offered guests an experience that could not be found anywhere else, and now, decades later, the hotel is still a go-to hotspot for locals, out-of-towners, and SoCal day-trippers.” CLICK HERE FOR LEANING STANDARDS FOR COVID19

“Sun-seekers, Boardwalk revelers, Venice first-timers and L.A. staycationers unite. Come one, come all, and experience what Hotel ERWIN and Venice is all about. Big on vibe, color, and that cozy beachfront comfort, our rooms come with all the usual goods like free WiFi and big TVs, plus some even have partial oceans views. Rooms with ADA accessible enhancements are available too. Of course, if you wanna see the ocean, just take a step outside. Feeling like a baller? Try a suite. They’ve got kitchens and separate living and dining areas.” ROOMS and SUITES: CLICK HERE

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