Cruising Alaska’s Inner Passage with Princess Cruises #WeAreBack 2021

October 14, 2021

I absolutely loved being back onboard Princess Cruises! I sailed on the Majestic Princess to Alaska August 29, 2021. I sailed from Seattle to Alaska including Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Glacier Bay.

What did I do?

In JUNEAU August 31, 2021: I saw humpback whales on the way in to port. I went to lunch with Mickey Richardson from Icy Strait Port and then to Mendenhall Glacier with Dirk Younk, a naturalist, for some awesome photos! After that I went on the Ship Shore Excursion: “Taku Glacier Helicopter Landing & Airboat Tour – A Discovery Exclusive.” I loved flying over the glacier by helicopter with Pilot Adam. It was my first time in an airboat and I did not realize we would get so close to the glacier. It was very beautiful and Brian was a great captain. He has ear protection for you to wear because the airboat is loud. My tour did not land on the glacier as there was a tour participant who had a slip and fall and we needed to return to base. I loved the parts of the tour that we were able to do. I would go again.
In Skagway, Alaska, I took the ship tour: Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Rafting from Majestic Princess Sept 1, 2021. The scenery from the ferry ride from Skagway to Haines was beautiful. I loved floating in the raft. The guides do the rowing–you just enjoy the scenery and take photos of eagles. Chris and Tom were fantastic guides who knew everything about the area, eagles and Alaska. I loved this tour and they have waterproof boots for you to wear so your feet do not get wet. I would definitely go again. THANK YOU to Chris and Tom for a great day with the eagles and on the river. I took a similar tour 20 years ago when I worked onboard for Princess Cruises.
Thank you to the entire team on the Majestic Princess for an amazing Alaska summer cruise in 2021. We sailed into Glacier Bay on Sept 2, 2021. It was quite foggy with liquid sunshine but at some moments it cleared up. The Park Rangers were on board to answer questions and explain about the glaciers we saw. The glaciers are giant and we could hear the pieces calving off! In the evening, I went to the Captain’s Circle Party hosted by Loyalty Ambassador, Tina, and Captain Tony Draper. I loved my cruise on the Majestic Princess!
In Ketchikan, Alaska, I went on the Black Bear, Wildlife & Nature Walk – An Animal Planet Exclusive at the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary from from my cruise on the Majestic Princess on Sept 3, 2021 which I LOVED!! It was INCREDIBLE to be so close to so many bears! We saw 8 or 9 bears and a mother with cubs. The cubs were climbing up a tree. I loved every minute of watching these black bears catch salmon and walk in the river. I would definitely go again. 20 years ago when I worked onboard for Princess Cruises, I walked with bears with a naturalist. This was awesome to be almost next to them but be on the wooden platform above them.


I had a balcony on this Medallion class ship with room enough to hula-hoop in my room. I loved the pools, hot tubs, sports court, the many restaurants and all the activities on board like fruit carving and ice carving. I walked around the deck and watched movies under the stars. I have separate videos of Sail Away, the dancing fountains and each of the ports as well as Where to EAT onboard! I spent 2 nights at Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle before joining and have separate videos of those as well. Thank you to Captain Tony Draper and the entire crew onboard for an incredible week in Alaska on the Majestic Princess! See all of my videos from Alaska sailing on Majestic Princess Summer 2021 https://bit.ly/AlaskaCruise21
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