October 13, 2019

ALIYAH 2010 – Living the Dream [VIDEO]

The slogan of ” title=”here” target=”_blank”>here, and stay tuned on Bloggish for profiles of some of those on the flight.

Last year, I wrote about my emotional and meaningful return to the Jewish homeland in a column entitled ” title=”"An Aliyah Wedding"” target=”_blank”>“An Aliyah Wedding” between Israel and lovers of Zion. Being a part of it for a second time, it’s like I’m renewing my vows.

I’ve created a montage using footage from both of my arrival ceremonies, so that you, like me, can vicariously live the dream of receiving such a warm, moving welcome to Zion. The next time I enjoy the arrival ceremony, who knows? maybe it’ll be not as a journalist, but as a participant, which means, as an Israeli, I’d only qualify for the charter flight if I marry a non-citizen. Now, if only Nefesh B’Nefesh can hook me up with a husband.