What did I do at Sandals Montego Bay?

Sandals Montego Bay By Lisa NiverMy stay at Sandals Montego Bay was superb! See my first part of this article at “What will you LOVE?” Please watch my journey through my videos!

Video #4I love SCUBA diving at Sandals Montego Bay

I love diving at Sandals Montego Bay! We saw green moray eels, spotted drum, flounder, porcupine fish and so much more. I loved my dive buddies and all the gear. The dive standards are very high at Sandals Resorts. The boat was in top condition and the dive masters and captain were all very professional and helpful. I highly recommend diving at Sandals! When are you meeting me underwater?

I loved my swim-up suite at Sandals! Check out my walk from the pool into my gorgeous room! Enjoy your adults only all inclusive trip!

Lisa Niver at Latitudes at Sandals Montego Bay

Video #5 What is there to do at Sandals Montego Bay?

What can you do at Sandals Montego Bay?
I loved my hot stone massage at Red Lane Spa!

Weddings are included! The bridal party has the most beautiful area to get ready together with a mirror that has indoor, outdoor and night time settings. The spa can come to you right next the chapel or you can get married on the beach!

There is an over the water wedding chapel and an over the water bar called Latitudes!
You can participate in Aquatic fitness classes or go scuba diving every day which was my favorite thing at Sandals Montego Bay!
Have you always wanted to learn to Scuba dive? Try discover scuba diving or take a full PADI certification class.

Boats at Sandals Montego Bay by Lisa Niver

You can stay at one and play at three! Enjoy 21 restaurants at Sandals Montego Bay, Sandals Royal Caribbean and The Inn at Sandals. There is a complementary shuttle between the properties.

I loved the Jerk Shack with Jamaican jerk chicken.
There are so many rooms with views of the sea or you can stay in a swim-up suite like I did right at the edge of the pool.

Sailboats Sandals Montego Bay by Lisa Niver

At Sandals Royal Caribbean, I loved the over the water bungalows! They look like the ones from Bora Bora in French Polynesia but they are the first ever over the water bungalows in the Caribbean! It is a vacation paradise. They are in the shape of a heart and right near the Thai restaurant! YUM!

Back at Sandals Montego Bay, we had a sushi demo and spoke with the chefs at SOY! It is 5 star global gourmet where you can savour the world and it is all-inclusive!

Video #6 What is there to do at Sandals Montego Bay

I loved my time at Sandals Montego Bay especially when I was underwater diving! Thank you to the entire dive team for taking such great care of me. I absolutely loved the diving! We saw so many amazing creatures like sharks, rays, eels, turtles, flounders, barracudas, corals and all types of fish. Thank you again to my dive buddies and all of the crew.

I also enjoyed having Dino’s pizza on the patio of my swim up suite with my feet in the water.

We went to Butch’s for dinner which is a brand new steak and seafood restaurant at Sandals Montego Bay. My first Sandals Resorts experience has been fantastic! I wonder which property I will see NEXT!?!?

My Dive Buddies Sandals Montego Bay

Video #7: YES I DID love my adventures at Sandals Montego Bay!

I loved Sandals Montego Bay whether I was walking on the beach, watching sunset or going scuba diving!
 Have you always wanted to try diving? They offer many PADI courses on the property!
On my last morning, I had a superb hot stone massage at Red Lane. A great way to relax before my flight back to Los Angeles.
I was sad to leave but I had a fantastic time!

See my first article for more of my adventures at Sandals Montego Bay!
Want to learn more about the 10th anniversary of the Sandals Foundation? Click here to read my article in the Jewish Journal.

I also wrote two articles for USA Today 10Best about Jamaica IN THE WATER and OUT OF THE WATER!

Look for my new videos of scuba diving at Beaches Turks and Caicos! The diving is included there too!

Sunset at Sandals Montego Bay by Lisa Niver

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