January 19, 2020

Oldies but Goodies: Old Technologies That are Still Serving People Today

Some might believe that since the Internet has revolutionized things, many old technologies are obsolete. This is partly true. Everyone knows that some pieces of technology are no longer in use like old CD players or even DVD movies since movies are now streamed online. Still, not every piece of technology is obsolete because a number of them are still alive and kicking or have simply evolved with the times.

Vinyl is Still a Thing


There is a growing number of people who love the old, warm sound only vinyl discs can voffer, which is the reason this piece of technology is still alive and well. The people of Australia, in particular, have warmed up to the idea of purchasing vinyl records more than other countries.

The trend has definitely surprised many but is not showing signs of slowing down. The trend seems to be driven by millennials, nostalgia, and the love of the warm sound that might have been forgotten if not for this movement. It should be noted that some classics or hard to find pieces are only available on vinyl, such as certain Jewish music, which could be another reason this technology is still alive.

Faxing Makes it Official


Faxing is another surprising piece of technology that has not only survived the Internet revolution but has evolved. For example, there are reputable companies offering online fax, which serves to blend both worlds for customers. There are many reasons this kind of technology is still important. For one, governmental agencies and several businesses that require a paper trail find it useful.

Not too long ago, an online activist group in Australia decided to use online faxing to help constituents from districts around Australia share stories about their lives with their representatives through faxes. Political representatives were able to verify that the faxes were indeed sent by people within their district, making these faxed statements legitimate. This goes to show just how important faxing can be in the world.

The Beep is Reliable


It may surprise some, but pagers are still being used in many hospitals across the world, including Britain, Australia, and the United States. The reason is quite simply because they are more reliable than cell phones. Sure, cell phones are usually reliable, but there are times when the signal drops or when Wi-Fi does not work properly. A doctor or nurse cannot take any chances because of every second count during an emergency.

There are some who fear medical professionals using this particular kind of technology, but it seems to be a precaution rather than the inability to adapt to updated versions. This is not to say that pagers are not growing since some offer the ability to chat without compromising its durability. Keep in mind that a hospital is a fast-paced environment, meaning these devices can fall, and a cellphone breaks easier than a pager.

It seems that doctors and nurses are not giving up their pagers for the sake of their patients, which is quite admirable. Some hospitals are attempting to adopt smart technology in some areas of the world, but it has not been perfected yet, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

These are just some technologies that some would consider outdated but are still serving a purpose. There are others out there being used, which would probably interest technology buffs. No one is saying that these technologies should not be changed because everything can be improved on.