For Mother’s Day, Amy Klein Discusses Her Book on Infertility ‘The Trying Game’

While it’s a day to honor all mothers, it also behooves us to take a moment to remember that there are those who are desperately still waiting to become moms.

May 10 is Mother’s Day and while it’s a day to honor all mothers, it also behooves us to take a moment to remember that there are those who are desperately still waiting to become mothers.

For women trying to become pregnant, whether it’s with their first or subsequent child, infertility can be a physical, mental and emotional roller coaster.

Amy Klein knows this in spades. The former Jewish Journal managing editor joined me, the current managing editor on a Zoom conversation to talk about her book “The Trying Game: Get Through Fertility Treatment and Get Pregnant Without Losing Your Mind.” (Penguin/Random House)

The book is based on Klein’s New York Times “Fertility Diary” column and her four-year journey through IVF, culminating in the birth of her daughter. It’s honest, straightforward, moving, poignant and funny.

Klein was also recently appointed the new ambassador for “reConceiving Infertility,” Hadassah’s new initiative to end stigmas in infertility and advocate for change within the Jewish community.

The conversation with Klein covered everything from discussing Jewish perspectives on infertility, to practical advice regarding what to expect when you jump on the fertility bandwagon and why it’s OK to skip your best friend’s baby shower.

There was also an opportunity to ask Klein questions, which she answered candidly.

Wishing all moms and hoping-to-be-moms a Happy Mother’s Day.




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