One Israeli Creation for the Weekend

May 24, 2013

Sarit Hadad is one of Israel's most successful singers, known by her out of this world voice. Recognized as a child prodigy, Hadad began performing at the age of eight, while playing the piano at a local club. At the age of 15, she joined the a local Youth Band, and was officially “discovered” at the age of 16, by Avi Gueta. Who is her manager up to this day.


In 2002, Hadad was chosen to represent Israel in the Eurovision singing contest. On December 2006, Hadad drew crowds in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles with her “Sing with Sarit” tour. On July 2007, Madonna revealed that she is a fan of Hadad, and enjoys listening to her music. In 2012, she became a “mentor” on the Israeli version of The Voice.


Hadad's career as a  singer has been highly successful, with many of her songs topping the Israeli charts. She is only 34, but already recorded 21 albums, some earned the titles of Gold and Platinum records. While most of her songs are in Hebrew, some are in English and in Arabic.  What makes her special, in my eyes, is the beautiful combination she makes of pop music and oriental sounds. Moreover, her voice as an impressive range, which enables her to touch hearts simply by opening her mouth.


Hagiga (Celebration)


Ba'Hom Shel Tel-Aviv (In the Heat of Tel-Aviv)