Response to ’10 reasons Persian Jews support Trump’

August 3, 2016

I started reading Afshine Ash Emrani’s Los Angeles Jewish Journal post, ““>Donald Trump Was Once Sued By Justice Department For Not Renting To Blacks” from 2011,  or, ““>Old-Time Sexism Suffuses New Season” from 2004 which states, “The antifeminist mood is widespread, particularly on reality shows like ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Wife Swap,’ where single career women are cute and flirty and married women do housework.” If the author would have simply done a little quick research on any decent search engine, he never would have had the audacity to make this claim.

2. “Clinton sugarcoats her lies, whereas Trump speaks with honesty.” Actually, again, as anyone who has used a search engine regarding this subject knows, Donald Trump lies far more often than any other presidential candidate. For instance, see this article, ““>Other Secretaries Handled Classified Material on Private Email, State Dept. Concludes.”

3. “We ran away from radical Islam and don’t want it to follow us here.” If that is the case, then the person you want in the White House should be the person with the most foreign policy experience. That would clearly be Hillary Clinton.

4. “Clinton has been fully supported by Arabs.” To back up this claim, the author goes on to say, “Palestinian flags flew over the DNC convention and Israeli flags were burned outside by protesters.” The reality is that one Palestinian flag was displayed briefly inside the convention (not over it) by an attendee (not by the DNC). How Clinton can be blamed for one action of one person who attended the convention is beyond me.

Also, the author doesn’t seem to understand that the people who are protesting outside the Clinton convention don’t speak for Clinton, they are speaking against her. If a candidate were blamed for everything a protestor did when protesting against them, then anyone from the other campaign can paint the candidate with any brush just by sending some protestors over to do something awful. The whole allegation is nonsensical.

5. “All who compare Trump to Hitler are disingenuous and hurtful to the memory of survivors.” I feel silly having to point this out, but, “He’s not as bad as Hitler” is a terrible reason to vote for someone, especially since he’s not running against Hitler.

6. “Trump is a revolution against the policies of Obama.” Ok, here is the first decent reason! If you don’t like Obama’s policies, and you think Trump will put in place better policies, that is a great reason to vote for Trump. I am curious, though, what policies had Trump put forward that the author supports? Is it banning Muslims from entering the country? Is it building a wall? Why is there nothing of substance stated here?

7. “Trump will rebuild our military and protect us against Russia, China, Iran and ISIS.” Perhaps the author is unaware of how Trump has been disparaging one particular Gold Star family lately. Perhaps he is unaware of all the reports of how close Trump is with Putin in Russia. Perhaps he is unaware that Trump didn’t even know that Russia had invaded Ukraine (see ““>Religious and Reform Facebook page, and

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