Everything You Need to Know About Fulvic Acid

October 2, 2017

Increased energy, better nutrient absorption, boosted brain health, improved digestion – these are just some of the positive effects fulvic acid has on a human body.

Fulvic acid is being recognized as one of the main health ingredients in the 21st century. Although it hasn’t been widely researched in the past, today’s studies prove this organic compound hides great potential, which is why it’s been available in the supplement form for quite a while now. However, fulvic acid has been consumed by the human race for thousands of years, intuitively and without the awareness of all the nutrients found in plant sources and natural food that was on the daily menu. In fact, fulvic acid is the essential ingredient for healthy soil and it is responsible for the growth of nutrient-rich food. It is produced with decomposing of organic plant matter, as millions of healthy bacteria get released. So, by being in actual contact with more dirt – humans from the past have enjoyed numerous health benefits, without even knowing it.

What fulvic acid has been praised for the most is its contribution to better nutrient absorption: being an active chemical compound, it betters the consumption antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids, which sparked research about possible ways of utilizing it in the process of age reversing, i.e. freeing the body from the damaging effects of the free radicals.

But, if there are so many fulvic acid benefits, why haven’t we already taken advantage of it? In most cases, it’s due to the innocent ignorance about this miraculous ingredient. Here’s everything you need to know about fulvic acid.

Better Nutrient Absorption and a Healthier Gut


By increasing the amounts of fulvic acid, you can improve the health of your gut, as the number of beneficial bacteria increases too. Fulvic acid is known for its ability to attract and binding molecules (electrolytes, trace minerals, fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics), which ensures better nutrient absorption. This restores digestive system’s microbiome and prevents problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.

Fulvic acid optimizes the process of transporting the nutrients to cells by carrying minerals and other ingredients across the body. Your organism stays protected from inflammation and because the fulvic acid helps with alkalizing the body (i.e. preventing the excessive acidic environment) – the optimal pH levels are achieved. This sets a proper defense from harmful bacteria, fungus and other organisms damaging your health. In the long run, the fulvic acid helps with appetite regulation, maintains healthy immunity, and supports better stress management.

Protects and Enhances Brain Health


Although the exact reasons behind the development of cognitive impairments and chronic neurodegenerative diseases (such as the Alzheimer’s) have not been clearly defined – it is presumed that the damage caused by the free radicals and the specific protein called tau play a role here. One study from 2011 has pointed out the benefits of fulvic acid in means of lowering the length of the tau fibers and altering their morphology, which prevents the disease from progressing. Further research is needed to establish the effective treatments, but the future looks promising with fulvic acid being a part of the natural treatment for the hardest conditions such as dementia. In addition, it can be used as a part of preventive measures, to boost and protect cognitive health.

Your Best Detox Ally


Fulvic acid has amazing detoxifying abilities. It easily breaks down metals and toxins that we consume through water, food, medications, as well as cleaning products and pollutants from the air we inhale. In general, humic acids form colloids binds with ions that filter water and purify the soil within the process of natural chelation therapy. They have certain electrodes which attract heavy metals and bind the elements such as iron or copper. Research have shown fulvic acid and other types of humic acids can be used as a much more eco-friendly alternative when it comes to complex processes of cleaning soil and water, as well as more cost-efficient given the fact lower concentrations are required compared to other chemicals in use. What does this mean for your body? Thorough cleansing and better body functioning, without toxins holding it back and making it vulnerable to infections.

Boosts Your Energy Levels and Lowers Pain


People using fulvic acid in the form of supplements will quickly notice how energized and rejuvenated they will start feeling. This is mostly because of the mentioned process of detox as the human body can function freely without harmful chemicals piled up. Free radical damage is reduced, as well as the levels of inflammation. Not only do humic acids help with cleansing, but they also activate every biological process inside the human body. Increased amounts of natural and organic electrolytes provide the body with much-needed strength, especially when it comes to dealing with great amounts of stress, sleeping issues or sleep deprivation, diet abnormalities, etc. Given the fact that electrolyte imbalance can cause chronic pain to worsen, fulvic acid can also support the healing process and lower pain levels.

Healthy Skin, Hair, and Fingernails


Fulvic acid has proven to be extremely beneficial both for treating skin conditions and within regular skin care. It has antibacterial properties, which is linked to its mentioned ability to provide the body with the optimal pH levels. Body’s pH levels need to stay just above neutral so that the immune system can defeat bacterial overgrowth – one of the main causes of acne appearing. A study published in 2011 in the Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigative Dermatology has shown that eczema treatment involving fulvic acid is far more effective than other types of treatments. Throughout the past, fulvic acid has been used to treat all kinds of rash, including skin irritations coming from poison ivy, spider bites, or fungus. By improving circulation and lowering pain, it supports the healing process surprisingly well.

Since fulvic acid has such strong anti-inflammatory properties, including it in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia may show improvements in hair recovery. Because of the better nutrient absorption, the fulvic acid helps you get healthier and stronger hair and nails.

Food Rich in Fulvic Acid


Because of the innovative technology and the modern ways of processing food, it’s not that easy to find groceries that are rich in fulvic acid and include them in your diet. Specifically, due to farming chemicals, there has been a severe decrease of fulvic acid and other minerals in the soil. This is why it’s recommended to turn to organic products free of pesticides and other toxic ingredients used in farming. Of course, it’s not possible to measure the exact amount of fulvic acid in each vegetable or fruit, but it’s likely your body will enjoy higher amounts of it if you consume vegetables growing directly in the soil, such as potatoes. Blackstrap molasses has also proven to be rich in fulvic acid: it is a concentrated byproduct left over after the crystallization of the sugar’s sucrose. Given the fact it’s fairly hard to consume the optimal amounts of fulvic acid through food, most people turn to supplements, in form of liquid, solid or powder products.

Mineral deficiencies can cause various health issues – from acidic blood, low blood sugar, disbalance in appetite to low energy and immunity, poor digestive health, and anxiety. If you’re looking to get a better night’s sleep, feel strong and energized, healthy and happier – invest some time in exploring what fulvic acid can do for you. The way humans live has severely changed and it continues to evolve, which is certainly taking its toll on our overall well-being. Try listening to your body and its needs and to a thorough health checkup: it frequently happens that all of our troubles and aches come down to the lack of some small ingredient that might seem insignificant, but is, in fact, crucial for our health.

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