October 14, 2019

Beginning Their Adult Lives: Outstanding Grads of 2019

Outstanding high school seniors are more than their GPA, a laundry list of extracurricular activities or their acceptance into an elite university. They are ready to tackle the challenges of adulthood. These 14 accomplished high school graduates are among those who embody that sense of self, maturity and more.

To high school seniors everywhere, including those we didn’t have the space to feature, mazel tov on your graduation. Here’s to you reaching even greater heights.

Click on the names of the outstanding seniors to read about their achievements.

Jacqueline Bohrer, 18

Robert Carlson, 18

Elyse Forman, 18

Elisheva Gross, 18

Kyle Newman, 17  

Samantha Renard, 18

Oren Rimmon, 18

Naomi Rubin, 18

Noah Rossi, 18

Clara Sandler, 17

Louie Shapiro, 18

Chana Shemghatan, 18

Jack Zager, 18

Elisheva Zisblatt, 18