April 2, 2020

WATCH: NSJP Conference Attendees Chant ‘Long Live the Intifada!’

Screenshot from Facebook.

A video from Students Supporting Israel (SSI) shows attendees at the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) conference in UCLA chanting “Long live the intifada!” when a couple of pro-Israel activists infiltrated the conference.

The conference, which was held on Nov. 16-18, was “hermetically sealed” off from the public, but SSI President Ilan Sinelnikov and activist Rudy Rochman were able to sneak in and come on stage holding an Israeli flag and a sign reading “Jews are indigenous to Judea” before being escorted out by security.

SSI’s video shows one of the attendees, identified by the Algemeiner as Mohammed Nabulsi, leading chants of “Long live the intifada! Intifada intifada!”

Sinelnikov can be seen saying, as security is about to escort him out, “These guys scream ‘intifada’ over here, that’s [the] murder of the Jews.”

Two Jews Infiltrate Anti-Jewish Conference

Students Supporting Israel refused to stay silent as SJP hosted their national conference at UCLA, promoting the destruction of Jewish self-determination and inciting violence against an entire group of people. The day when Jews are kept as victims is over. The day where Jewish institutions make excuses or shy away from dealing with our problems, is over. SSI is here to empower the next chapter of Jewish history.We are the youth. We are the key to building a better future. The power is in our hands and it is time we used to impact history.Join SSI. Be a player for Israel, not a fan.Video by Andrew LeibmanIlan Sinelnikov, Rudy Rochman רודי רושמן

Posted by Students Supporting Israel – SSI on Sunday, November 18, 2018

Intifada has typically been associated with waves of Palestinian terrorism against Israeli Jews.

Sinelnikov told the Journal in a phone interview that they were able to find an area where they were able to get by security and enter the building where the conference was being held. When they walked in, the attendees were dancing and chanting “Free Palestine!” before being led back to the main program, where Sinelnikov and Rochman went onstage.

He added that the conference attendees were “shocked” by them coming on stage.

“All the time we see how our events on campuses are being infiltrated and crashed and shut down and SJP wins the fight… This was the first time such a thing happened at the SJP national convention, so not a random event but their main convention” Sinelnikov said, “and they got a taste of their own medicine for the first time.”

“Now they know that everywhere that SJP’s going across the country, Students Supporting Israel will be there. So we are watching them, and our students are ready.”

Other snippets from the conference included a photo obtained by Algemeiner that showed an attendee with a tote bag that read, “Make Israel Palestine Again” as well as a photo obtained by the Journal of the conference logo on a booklet: