December 17, 2018

5 Recent Technology Updates that Could Affect Your Business

There is no question that in this day and age technology and business go hand and hand, which is why it is important for businesses of all sizes to stay up-to-date with recent technology changes and updates.

This past week saw 5 major newsworthy tech headlines that are sure to impact businesses across the globe. Continue reading below to find out more about the hottest tech events happening at this very moment.

New iPhone’s Effect on Laptops and PC’s


The new iPhone is looking to replace desktops and laptops. It has a lot more features than the previous version and now sports an OLED screen, has virtual reality capabilities, faster processing speeds, and greater storage capacity. Users can now perform the same functions they used on their desktops and laptops, only now in a smaller format.

This, however, may not be good for businesses. The greater capacity in a smaller package may be good for casual users, but business people need their computing devices to be large enough to read.

In order for personnel to work on spreadsheets and other documents, their devices are going to have to be bigger than a hand-held screen. The smaller size won’t assist business people with analyzing or inputting data if they can’t read what it is.

Ikea/Apple Home App


Ikea Place” is an augmented reality home-design app that runs on the new virtual reality compatible iPhone X. Ikea customers will now be able to do a virtual interior design of their homes with furniture by accessing this app on their iPhone. They will see what it will look like before they ever spend a dime. Pretty cool stuff.

These new augmented reality apps are going to be important assets for businesses in the future, but especially for those businesses that provide services. For instance, landscapers and roofers will be able to show the finished product to their customers before ever starting the project.

A.I. Financial Advisor


The fintech startup Pefin has recently designed an artificial intelligence financial advisor system that will give personalized financial advice using customer feedback and machine learning. The advice is designed to be accessed online, via chatroom, so the customer never has to leave the comfort of their home.

Whether businesses like it or not, A.I. is here. This is but just one example of the capabilities machines have to offer businesses. It is already known that robots can perform tasks faster, cheaper and more accurately than humans. This recent example is verification that machines can also give human advice as well. Will computers and machines totally replace human workers in the future? Only time will tell.

Microsoft Guest Access Software


The Microsoft Teams software is currently used by more than 100,000 businesses and organizations worldwide. It now offers guest access that allows companies to not only collaborate internally but externally as well.

Since most companies use Microsoft Office in some form or another, the new Teams software can be easily implemented in most business environments.

The ability to join groups throughout the organization, as well as throughout the world, will help cut down on time delays and provide more effective communication among staff.

Multiple Cloud Server Systems


A recent tech survey stated that nearly 50% of professionals use multiple cloud vendors to perform business tasks. The survey also stated that the most popular cloud vendors among tech professionals at the moment include Amazon Web Services and Azure.

Using multiple cloud servers is a good idea for companies using large amounts of data. While companies like Amazon and Azure are most certainly trustworthy, one can never know what the future holds. A solid data-protection strategy requires not putting all one’s eggs into one basket but diversify them throughout multiple cloud servers.

Companies offering NBN plans can also be found offering everything from Private IP Networks, Cloud Computing, Virtual Hosting, Co-Location and Managed Services, Dedicated Hosting and even Domain Names. Everything from tech startups to cable companies is getting in on the Cloud as a Service business it seems.