Web Development Changing the Climate of Web Design

I'm a freelance writer and passionate blogger who likes writing articles on different types of topics, contributing to several other blogs. When I'm not blogging I love traveling and meeting other cultures.

Bob Gorman
I'm a freelance writer and passionate blogger who likes writing articles on different types of topics, contributing to several other blogs. When I'm not blogging I love traveling and meeting other cultures.

Just like the fashion industry, web development goes through trends, which in turn affect the world of web design. Every year, new trends and technologies emerge that web developers and designers should keep up with.

Besides that of new technologies, web companies have to be on the curve in order to adapt to the changing climate. A leading web design Victoria Company has pointed out in order to gain more customers you have to ensure a great design aspect within the navigation, wording, and color.

In light of this, web design has been changing every single day since JavaScript was invented. Today, we have responsive web design, much of which is powered by content management systems that you can easily implement even if you don’t have tangible experience in coding.

However, what should you expect after responsive web design? In that light, we explore some web development trends that are revolutionizing the climate of web design.

Card-Based Web Design


Card-based designs are becoming increasingly popular in web design. These designs are responsive and ideal for mobile devices. A card is also referred to as a tile, a module, or a portrait. Card-based designs are already being used by leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Machine Learning


With the development of open-source programs, such as Google’s TensorFlow, machine learning will quickly become an integral component of web design. In fact, you can use machine learning for a wide range of purposes, the layout of a website being just one of them.

In the world of web development, machine learning-powered multivariant testing will have the ability to automatically test and optimize a site at a customer level. What does this mean?

Each customer will see a website specifically designed and personalized for them, from the language used to the web pages’ layout.

Static Website Generators


With a static website generator, you can create a website from plain text, normally stored in files as opposed to databases. In some cases, websites created by generators allow for several advantages, which include increased website speed, enhanced security, and ease of deployment and management of traffic surges.

It is worth noting, however, that such websites have no real-time content or user content, which have become an integral element in today’s websites.

As APIs and Content Delivery Networks are increasingly becoming the in thing in the world of web, making it easier for templates and content to be distributed, many web developers think static website generators could be an interesting area to watch in the next couple of years.

Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is another hot topic when it comes to talking about how web development trends are changing the climate of web design. This technology is already taking over the gaming industry. Namely, the Vive and the Oculus Rift present the gaming industry some new and fascinating possibilities. And you should expect more in the coming years.

Tech leaders such as Google and Mozilla are already working on APIs to facilitate the transition of Virtual Reality to the web. In fact, as standards develop, you should expect an increasing number of VR-driven applications to be developed.

The web is an exciting place in that nothing remains stagnant for too long. Everything is always changing and the techniques we use to implement the changes will always evolve as well. The above web development trends serve as insight to how web development changes the climate of web design.

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