December 18, 2018

Religious riot act, deaf in Africa, small sculptures, kid paint


Tissa Hami is a Muslim Iranian American comic. Her blog profile says, “People who disapprove of her act will be taken hostage.” Chad Lehrman is as Jewish as gefilte fish: He’s geeky and meeky, eats bagels, sells insurance and is in show business. Lifelong Hindu Tapan Trivedi hails from the land of cow worshipping. While traveling through the Deep South, he read the entire Christian Bible, one billboard at a time. White, Christian and straight Keith Lowell Jensen wanted very badly to be a minority. His only way was through religion. He is now a member of the most hated minority of all, the atheists. John Ross, a Christian, found Jesus at age 14. They’ve been together ever since. See these five comics wage holy war on each other in a hilarious show, “The Coexist? Comedy Tour.” Bring a poncho, because there will be some serious mud slinging, but in the end everyone will smile and hug and carpool home together.

9:30 p.m. $10. Westside Eclectic at the Third Street Promenade, 1323-A Third St., Santa Monica. (310) 451-0850. Check out the tour’s very witty blog, ” target=”_blank”>


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American Jewish University is scaling things down. And we’re not talking about their enormously ambitious plans for the future of the recently merged institution. We’re referring to their latest art exhibit of small-scale sculptures by artists Annette Bird and Dan Van Clapp. “Go Figure!” includes Bird’s miniature figurines depicting the complex relationships between conflicted lovers, parents and children, loving friends and passionate partners. Van Clapp uses found materials with a rich former life to assemble his figures. Antique doll parts, hardware and worn fabrics infuse his work with a mysterious air.

Sun.-Fri. Through Nov. 11. Platt Gallery, 15600 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles. (310) 440-1201. ” target=”_blank”>


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