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Dikla Kadosh


The Mensch List: Connecting for cultural continuity

For thousands of years, Jews have lived as minority populations in various regions worldwide, surviving largely through their strong commitment to community.

Sold-out concert garners 24,000 Hours of community service pledges

“When the ILC told me they planned to sell 6,000 tickets to this concert, I was skeptical,” Israeli media mogul Haim Saban said onstage at the Israeli Leadership Council’s “Do Something for Someone” community concert on Nov. 20. “I thought it was too tall an order.”

TRIBE 2.012

The first issue of TRIBE, with a great cover story about Latino converts to Judaism, hit newsstands in December 2009. The magazine’s goal, as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Rob Eshman wrote in this column, was to bring our readers the world through Jewish eyes. Another important aim was to bring the tribe closer together.

On fire

The old stereotype of Mizrahi music — an Israeli genre created by immigrant Jews from North African and Arab countries — was of teary, sorrowful love ballads: tales of lost loves, broken hearts and dashed hopes. You could say Mizrahi music was Israel’s version of country music.

Stop the Scoops

LA Creamery, the artisan ice cream shop offering bold flavors such as Goat Cheese and Currant, Chai Tea Latte and Olive Oil, has shuttered...

Temple Judea Wins Energy Oscar

Temple Judea, whose recent renovation was featured in TRIBE’s September <a href="http://www.jewishjournal.com/tribe/article/rethink_rebuild_rebirth_20110819/ " title="issue">issue, has received recognition for incorporating green strategies in its rebuilding project....

On fire

The old stereotype of Mizrahi music — an Israeli genre created by immigrant Jews from North African and Arab countries — was of teary, sorrowful love ballads: tales of lost loves, broken hearts and dashed hopes. You could say Mizrahi music was Israel’s version of country music.

The giving network

Later this month, the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk will become Caesarea, the Israeli amphitheater renowned for its magical atmosphere and unparalleled performances.

Getting that giving is getting

When Eli Tene, co-chair of the Israeli Leadership Council (ILC), first called to tell me about a new initiative they had cooked up, I knew it was something big. I could hear it in his voice.

A whole new breed of dancing Chasids

Exuberant dancing is not a new trend in Judaism, but this Aish video in honor of Rosh Hashanah mashes pop culture and ancient Judaism...

Scouting for Israelis

Shevet Chen, the San Fernando Valley chapter of the Israeli Scout movement, is proving that scouting is good for Israel, particularly here in the United States.

Design yourself

I was inspired to create a fashion issue because I look at personal style as a shortcut to becoming whoever I want to be.

Good kavanot

The Hebrew word kavanot doesn’t have a direct translation to English, even though English is a far richer language: it beats Hebrew 250,000 words to 80,000.

Holistic by chance

Acupuncture terrifies me. Dozens of needles puncturing your skin looks more like ancient torture than ancient healing.

The Story of the Storyteller

“Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness,” a film by Joseph Dorman, opens Friday, August 5 at Laemmle’s Town Center 5 in Encino. The...

The Joshua Project [VIDEO]

“Mommy, can I have some water?” asked Joshua Goldenberg, a 7-year-old with a beautiful mane of curls and a gap-tooth smile. His mother, Christie, handed him a bottle. “How do you know it’s water?” he asked. “Because it says so on the label,” she answered.

Prom Comes Early for Foster Care Girls

BY LIOR HAYKEEN On an April afternoon 102 young girls walked down the red carpet, decked out in formal prom gowns, jewelry, make up, and...

Angels Among Us

Jared Sharon was driving on the 101 on a rainy March afternoon when he lost control of his car, flipped three times down the...

Israelis R Us

I wasn’t always as proud to be Israeli as I am today. I never hid that I was born in Israel — not that I could, with a name like mine. And I wasn’t embarrassed by my mom’s harsh Israeli accent, because she didn’t have one — she spent the first 10 years of her life in New York. I didn’t have to eat my school lunches surreptitiously. My sandwiches looked like everyone else’s.

Ruthie the Foodie

When Gourmet magazine closed shop in 2009, foodies around the country shed a collective tear. But the culinary magazine’s unexpected downfall has not hampered...

Everyone needs a happy ending (no, not THAT kind of happy ending)

My husband is pretty good natured. When I tell him we’re going to a community event that I’ve been invited to as a writer,...

Shabbat our way

Laurie Saidiner grew up in the same Sherman Oaks house in which she is now raising her children. But the family that fills this home with Legos and books and the scent of Shabbat dinner today is somewhat different from her childhood family. Laurie, 50, is married to Nina Jacobs, 55, and together they are raising Hannah, 11, and Avi, 7, whom Laurie conceived with the help of a sperm donor. April marks the couple’s 22-year anniversary. This is how the Saidiner-Jacobs family celebrates Shabbat, in their own special way.

We are family

How do you define family? A father, a mother and two children? A single mom raising two girls? A divorced mom and a stepfather, two stepkids and a half-sister? Two sisters, one half-sister from the same mother, and a half-brother and half-sister from the same father?

Mommy Camp

When I read about the Mom’s Retreat at Camp JCA Shalom in TRIBE’s March Calendar, I thought, “Sign me up!” A weekend—kidfree—with all the...

Matisyahu Highlights

Matisyahu wore a faded camp staff t-shirt on stage and bantered with the spunky audience in a charming performance at the Thousand Oaks Civic...

The business bug

My Israeli father was always coming up with ideas for new businesses: a massive three-day cultural festival to boost tourism in Northern Israel; a massage table with mechanical fingers; a restaurant that would serve dozens of little dishes with Israeli salads before the main entrees (this was long before Itzik Hagadol). They never materialized into actual businesses, but the ideas were always flowing.

A Tasty Tu B’shvat Lesson

In the spirit of Tu B’shvat, the Jewish celebration of nature and abundance, the students of Conejo Hebrew High School in Agoura Hills invited...

Value of a BFF? Priceless

My best friend is not a techie. But I recently texted her when my BlackBerry was acting weird. She called her brother, who is a techie, hunted through her BlackBerry menus and searched the Web before we finally found the solution.

Tribal Grounds

It’s ironic. The easier it becomes to communicate with people around the world, via Facebook, Skype and email, the more accessible foreign products become...

Israeli scouting just got hipper

By nature, Eli Fitlovitz prefers to stay in the background. The kibbutz-raised Israeli, who came to Los Angeles in 1982, has wise eyes, an endearing smile and a quiet confidence. A commercial real estate broker, he and his wife are now raising three teenagers. What finally forced Fitlovitz out of his life-long safety zone were his kids, and not in the way most teens make their parents uncomfortable.

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