Travels With Darley talking about SEASON TEN!

March 15, 2023

Thank you to Travels with Darley for joining me on my podcast!

Lisa and Darley at the NYC Travel and Adventure Show Feb 18, 2023

Recognized in Forbes for her “PBS Travel Empire,” Darley Newman is the creator and host of Emmy Award-winning series “Travels with Darley” and “Equitrekking” broadcast on PBS, Amazon Prime, Ovation TV JOURNY, Wondrium and networks in over 85 nations. Having led production teams in over 25 nations and 26 states, her filmmaking adventures include traversing one of the world’s largest salt pans in Africa, free diving in South Korea, swimming with sharks in Dubai and biking the WWI ‘red zone’ in northeast France. Her series takes viewers to remote and stunning locations to reveal fascinating global cultures, adventure and cuisine, and inspire viewers to break out of their comfort zone to learn more about the world. She’s received six Daytime Emmy Award nominations, for hosting, writing, producing and best series, and has been honored with two Telly awards and the North American Travel Journalist Award. She recently completed her 10th season and 59th half hour of “Travels with Darley.”

Check out Season 10 of Travels With Darley:

Travels with Darley Season 10 Promo from Darley Newman on Vimeo.



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Darley Newman and Lisa Niver at The Mar Vista Sept 16, 2019

Lisa Niver:

Good morning. This is Lisa Niver from We Say Go Travel and I’m so honored to be here today with Darley Newman. Hi Darley.

Darley Newman:
Hi Lisa. Good to see you again.

Lisa Niver:
In a short amount of time we’ve been so lucky to be together in real life in Los Angeles, in New York. Who knows where we’re going to meet up next besides here on the internet.

Darley Newman:
Maybe Türkiye?

Lisa Niver:

I hope to go with you there. Congratulations first of all on 10 seasons with your PBS show. That’s really incredible.

Darley Newman:

Thank you. We’ve done a lot of episodes now. 59 half hours. I’ve written a lot of scripts.

Lisa Niver:

It’s really impressive. Congratulations just to even get started at all — let alone to get to 59 episodes. I know that you’ve done a lot of different things with video, with production, with travel. Tell people a little about how you got on this path because I’m sure you have people come up to you all the time and say you have my dream job.

Darley Newman:
Oh my gosh. Totally. You know, it is a dream job. It’s a lot of work but I love it. I figure if I’m going to be working every day anyway I might as well work on something I love and get to travel. That’s really why I started the series. I caught the travel bug early and I wanted to try and see the world and thought if I have to be in an office every day how am I going to go out there and see the world. I don’t want to wait until I retire. I want to do it now.

So, I came up with the idea for my first series on PBS which was Equitrekking and did 35 half hours of and went horseback riding all around the world and learned so much doing that series and really felt like the theme of what I was doing is similar to what I’m doing now with traveling with locals and getting those insights from people who live in the destinations.

That’s what I do with Travels with Darley and now we’ve been everywhere from Los Angeles to Little Rock Arkansas and Türkiye and Istanbul and France and a lot of different places but through that local perspective on what it is like to really live there and be there and also the history and culture and, of course, the food because food is so important in life in general.



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