March 30, 2020

Los Angeles! Go join the protest for African refugee rights outside your Israeli consulate right now

[Update, Jan. 26: “>one of the most heart-wrenching, blatantly unjust human-rights struggles I've ever witnessed, it's hard to imagine the rest of the world isn't consumed by it, too.

But of course I realize Los Angeles has its own problems, and you all still have work and kids and traffic to worry about, and maybe a few of your own human-rights struggles, to boot. But if you do find a free moment today (Wednesday, January 22), the 55,000 Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers and their supporters in Israel urge you: Please put pressure on Israeli authorities to free them from a bleak future of indefinite imprisonment.

“>International Solidarity Day. Protesters at 15 major cities around the globe — Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles (!), Washington D.C., Boston, Toronto, Stockholm, Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome, London, Exeter, Den Haag, Paris — will be rallying outside their respective Israeli consulates in support of Israel's African asylum seekers.

The L.A. leg of the protest begins at 9:30 a.m. outside “>Holot, a desert prison camp for “illegal infiltrators” along the border with the Sinai. (Pictured below.)

“>the last one cost some of them their jobs.

The local Eritrean and Sudanese populations really have no other choice at this point. Israel is finally pressing its mighty thumb down on the lot of them: Those who have not yet been summoned to Holot said they believe it is only a matter of time. And “>African asylum seekers battle fear in South Tel Aviv” and “‘