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Simone Wilson

Family legacy continues at Yeshiva, times five: A story of Modern Orthodoxy in America

Two columns of Yeshiva University graduates — one of young women, in blow-outs and stilettos; and one of young men, the knots of their skinny ties peeking out above their robes — filed into Prudential Center, home arena of the New Jersey Devils, on May 17. They whooped and hooted, smiled in mock surprise, waved to their parents in the stands, pumped fists, blew kisses.

In Israel, Netanyahu’s rival campaigns on U.S. Congress controversy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to the United States Congress regarding Iranian nuclear ambitions — one of the most talked-about, divisive and politicized events in the recent history of U.S.-Israel relations — has also become a key talking point for Netanyahu’s top competitor back home.


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