8 Kosher Cocktails to Get You Through Hanukkah

December 31, 2017

Hanukkah is one of the most important Jewish holidays that reminiscences the greatest miracle in Jewish history – a won battle for freedom, in means of practicing religion with respect to heritage and tradition. If you too respect the beautiful Jewish festival of lights but are also a sip-lover, you know all the tasty cocktails you plan on trying out have to be kosher. Wondering what types of cocktails are kosher and how to properly make them? Keep reading.

1. Manischewitz Sangria


Manischewitz kosher wines are well known for being very sweet so making a sangria seems like a logical thing to do. The best thing about it? You can adjust the recipe according to your preferences without the risk of ending up with a poor mix. Sweet tooths will love the refreshing taste of the sangria made the following way: 3 oz of wine, 2 oz of orange juice, 2 oz of lime, 1 oz of seltzer water, around 1.5 oz of brandy. The measures are for one serving. Poor them over a punch bowl filled with cut apples, oranges, grapes, and limes.

2. Moscow Mule


Moscow Mule is a very popular vodka-based kosher cocktail. In addition to vodka, you’ll be needing a ginger beer, lime juice, and a few wedges of lime. Traditionally, this cocktail is always served in a copper mug. For those who love smooth, cold drinks: fill the mug with ice afore adding other ingredients.

3. Mazel Tov Cocktail


Given the fact blue and silver are traditional colors of Hanukkah, Mazel Tov cocktail is a perfect choice. Blue Curaçao gives this drink a blue hue. The preparation is rather simple: use a tall glass and fill it with crushed ice. Add 4 oz of Blue Curaçao, 2 oz of vodka, 6 oz of ginger ale, and 1 oz of lime juice. Use lime peel as garnishment.

4. Kosher Cosmo


Cosmopolitan is a globally recognized drink and you can give it a slightly different twist to make it kosher. Use a bit more than 1 oz of kosher vodka, a bit less than 1 oz of kosher triple sec (e.g. Leroux), 0.3 oz of lime juice and 0.25 of freshly squeezed orange juice (remove the seeds). Fill the cocktail shaker with ice, place all the ingredients inside, and shake until all the ingredients are mixed and well chilled.

5. Menorah Martini


Menorah martini is one of the fun cocktails that celebrate the lighting of the menorah and soothes your senses nicely. You can use 0.5 oz of blackberry or blueberry cider, or some any type of sweet vermouth you like. Add 3 oz of vodka and a drop or two of Blue Curaçao to give it a nice color and aroma. For a perfect sip, add sugar to the edge of the glass and let them chill before pouring.

6. Gelt Martini


Another kosher martini has a traditional Jewish story attached to it. Namely, gelt is the chocolate coins wrapped in golden foil given to children for Hanukkah. To make this cocktail, mix ice, vodka (2 oz), and Goldschlager (1 oz) in a shaker, and strain into a previously chilled glass. Yummy!

7. Dreidel Cocktail


Dreidel cocktail is tasty, but also strong. For this 2-min-preparation drink, you will be needing small wine glasses, plum brandy (2 oz), apple juice (0.5 oz), lemon juice (0.5 oz), cherry liqueur (0.5 oz), egg whites (0.5 oz) kosher bitters (1 oz), and of course – ice. Shake very hard for about half a minute and then strain into glasses. Optionally, you can add chocolate liqueur to sweeten the taste.

8. Chocolate + Egg Cream Shot


Last, but not least – a different kind of drink to end the Hanukkah: chocolate and egg cream shot. This is not your typical sipping cocktail, but a shot served in a small glass. You’ll be needing 0.5 oz of cold cream, 0.05 oz of seltzer, and 0.25 oz of chocolate syrup or liquor. Pour the cream into the glass. Add seltzer, gently steer, then add chocolate in the center of the glass without mixing the ingredients. This sweet drink will complement other kosher desserts perfectly. Looks and tastes delicious!

Spend the Hanukkah enjoying warm times with your close ones, savor great kosher food and these delicious cocktails. What more can we say than “L’Chaim”!

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