Letters to the Editor: Immigration ban responses, kudos to the Journal, reactions to anti-semitism

March 9, 2017

An Addition to Online Parenting Resources

I just read with interest your article “Two Online Parenting Resources Provide Community and More” (Feb. 24) and was pleased to see Peachhead and Jen’s List receiving well-deserved recognition.

Your readers should know that the Jewish community in Los Angeles also has a wonderful resource for parents: JKidLA.com. This JKidLA is a website created in 2009 by Builders of Jewish Education (BJE). It is designed to provide families with everything they are looking for in the Jewish community with programs for children ages newborn to 18 years old.

Rachel Kaplan, BJE JKidLA Concierge

Trump’s Immigration Policy

I was encouraged to write after reading so many letters that expressed disagreement with President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy, especially David N. Myers’ article reminding us what could happen, even in America, to law-abiding citizens like the Japanese Americans during World War II (“Remembering Korematsu Today: A Jewish Obligation,” Feb. 24).

I, as a young child arriving with my family, was a refugee, with thousands of others in Europe during the rise of fascism. My father, a rabbi, was fortunate to see the writing on the wall in Europe and got support from the HIAS to get to America. I always remember landing in New York, seeing the Statue of Liberty welcoming us: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” These words reflect the great American values and approach toward immigrants we should reclaim and live by again. .

Leila Bronner, Los Angeles

An Admirer of Bernard-Henri Levy

It was fascinating to read about French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy (“Bernard-Henri Levy Bares His Jewish Soul,” Jan. 13). I admire and praise his strong moral defense of Israel and his defense of the ultra-Orthodox while condemning the occasional wrongdoings of some individuals. I admire his view that Jews must be committed to a moral concern for others and for the outside world in general. To those who condemn all the ultra-devout, we can ask: Do you condemn all the secular when one commits murder? As a fellow philosopher, I see his longtime admiration of and fascination with the ultra-Orthodox faithful as his balance to the ever-questioning, primarily secular, uncertainties of philosophy.

Bob Kirk, Santa Barbara 

Kudos to the Journal, From Israel

I can’t say I’m a Jewish Journal junkie, but I try to pick it up when I’m within arm’s reach of a copy, or occasionally online. As a former Orange County kid, and a UCLA student, it still feels a bit like my hometown outlet.

What good fortune I had this week, when I was in Los Angeles and Orange County, and my mom gave me your 30th anniversary edition and the one after (Jan. 27 and Feb. 3) — what a treat. 

I wish I had the funds to take out one of those congratulatory ads but hope this email can suffice. 

I’m back in Israel now and will pass around the copies at a big Shabbat dinner we’re hosting tonight. 

The refugee/immigrant spread, with photos and long captions, is particularly powerful. I also very much enjoyed the Leon Wieseltier interview, taking some amusement at his comments about foundations and donors while noticing there were a few with ads on the opposite page and around his interview!

It’s not just an important corner of the Jewish media that you occupy, but you are clearly at the leading edge.

May you, your staff and the Journal go from strength to strength.

Scott Lasensky via email

The Rise of Anti-Semitism

Rob Eshman sounds just like the complaining Jews who angered God and Moshe (“5 Ways to Fight Back,” March 3). Candles before burning out shine much higher and then they die. So the rise of anti-Semites is definitely not because of Donald Trump; it’s a reaction to the soon-to-come termination of their existence. 

Soraya Ghalchi via email

As a conservative and a Jew, I am virtually always disappointed by Rob Eshman’s columns. However, given the importance of the issue of anti-Semitism, I feel compelled to comment on “5 Ways to Fight Back.” Eshman simply could not refrain from his gratuitous attacks on President Trump and other conservatives. Eshman’s unremitting, left-wing ideology prevents him from seeing anti-Semitism for the danger that it is — a danger that affects all Jews — right, left and center.  

When the anti-Semites attack, they do not bother to inquire if the Jewish people they attack are Democrats or Republicans, or if they are liberals or conservatives. They do not care if the cemeteries that they desecrate are filled with Democrats or Republicans. Something, perhaps, for Eshman to ponder.

Michael H. Pinchak, Tarzana

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