January 19, 2020

Jewish Journal

When my friend and I sat under a canopy of Jerusalem pines, she asked me the time. Never did I dream that 30 minutes later she would be dead.
I am the recipient of a quintessentially Jewish kind of miracle: someone cradled something precious and then lobbed it across the generations to me.
WOW air, Iceland’s low-cost transatlantic airline, just took one more excuse away from West Coast Jews who have never visited Israel.
Dropping everything for a rare opportunity to view a near-total eclipse seemed like a great adventure, if a bit heedless.
As a scholar of German-Jewish history, I’m reluctant to make overstated analogies with the past. But if I had to, I would start in Munich in 1923.
When we take the laws into our own hands, we also legitimate the same behaviors by those who seek to harm us.
A nation’s greatness is demonstrated ultimately by the values it upholds. As Jews and as Americans, we know what we stand for.
U.S. President to send top envoys to region in bid to re-launch Israel-Palestinian negotiations. We've heard that one before.
As U.S.-backed forces make advances against I.S., concern mounts over the possibility of another humanitarian catastrophe in Syria
In her Tony Award-winning play, “Indecent,” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paula Vogel tackles this challenge through the lens of the experiences of playwright Sholem Asch.
On a recent Thursday night downtown at the Exchange LA, Zach Wohlman, aka “Kid Yamaka,” stood at the center of a boxing ring, awaiting the decision.
Dr. Jonathan Woocher, one of the preeminent figures in US Jewish education over the last half-century, has died at the age of 70.
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