November 17, 2018


I have long had a fascination with dreams. The night-time ones I mean.

I was awoken this past weekend to a dream that I have not been able to shake.  I was me, you know, not like a chimpanzee or a martian, but just me, as a yoga teacher leading a group of students on retreat. Two words were coming out of my mouth to my students during our closing meditation: QUALITY and COURAGE. There was a quick bow of my head, and bam! My eyes opened.

I don’t always remember my dreams, or they escape me as soon as I open my eyes. This one was clear as day. I studied a teeny bit of Jungian dream analysis during graduate school. The emphasis was that while dreams had symbols that could be codified and interpreted, they were also subject ultimately to the unique interpretation of the dreamer.

I liked these words together. It takes courage to pursue quality. It often feels easier to cut corners or give in to something that you may not agree with, because it feels too scary or uncomfortable to let yourself really want something. To create something of quality can take longer than we have to offer. Can cost too much, either emotionally or monetarily. It can be too lonely a road. I know I have often taken the easy way out. I figured I was a lazy perfectionist, knowing what I might ultimately want but not sure how to get there, so I would give in. Luckily though, I have many a good role model whose actions I try to emulate. “Hearing” these words put together in my own dream was like a wake up call. And an affirmation. It felt like a directive to myself and others that it is all worth while.

Since I said these words to the group of students in front of me, I will take what they meant to me and maybe just offer them to you? You can of course delete this, giggle at it, or toy with this coupling as you wish.

I wish everyone courage, quality and a continued good holiday season.

Next week schedule is as follows:

FRIDAY.              12/22              8:15

WED.                   12/27      canceled

FRIDAY.               12/29              8:15