April 1, 2020

Swastikas Found on Iowa Bridge

Photo from Pixabay.

Multiple swastikas were found on a popular bridge in Rock Valley, Iowa.

The City of Rock Valley announced in a Sept. 26 Facebook post that the swastikas were spray-painted in white on the Kiwanis Bridge’s poles and drawn in blue chalk along the pavement. 

People expressed outrage over the swastikas in the comments section of the city’s Facebook post.

“Walked across it this morning with my kids what was written was just absolutely a disgrace,” Diana Cruz wrote. “People have no mentality to respect the beauty of nature that others enjoy viewing.”

“This type of hatred isn’t welcome in our town!” Angela Marie Schmidt wrote. “So sad to see that someone is so misguided they feel the need to vandalize lies.”

Anti-Defamation League Omaha tweeted, “Disturbing to see reports of swastikas spray painted in public. #antisemitism and #Hate are appalling any time, but particularly galling so close to Rosh Hashana. Gratified that Rock Valley PD is investigating.”

The Iowa swastika was found shortly after swastika graffiti was found in a Brooklyn apartment as well as on synagogues in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Michigan.