September 23, 2019

Letters to the editor: Iran Deal, David Azouly, swastikas in D.C. and more

Not a Gamblin’ Man

I disagree with Rob Eshman’s opening paragraph, wherein he states that “nobody knows” what the end result will be with the Iranian deal (“The Iran Deal Gamble,” July 17). Anyone who considers the current atmosphere with Iran, and the basic points of the agreement, should have no problem realizing that if the agreement is ratified, worldwide terrorism will increase significantly. Imagine what Iran, the greatest supporter of worldwide terrorism today, can do with $100 billion (while continuing the “Death to America and Israel” tirades). Anyone who believes that Iran will honor a written agreement is very naive (see Neville Chamberlain). 

I am afraid that my hopes and prayers that my 7-year-old granddaughter will live a long, happy and safe life will be in great jeopardy if the agreement is ratified.

Michael Gesas, Beverly Hills

I have read several of Eshman’s columns relating to support of President Barack Obama from the Jewish community. My sincere question is, how can Americans who call themselves Jewish support a president who is doing all he can do to make deals with Iran, a country hostile to the U.S. and particularly to Israel? His recent “deal” is not supported by the prime minister of Israel and is “a historic mistake.” The goal of any radical Muslim community is the annihilation of all Jews and unbelievers in this world. What should we be thinking with regard to the Jewish people and their support of Israel in general? Do American Jews even consider Israel worth saving? 

Bob Crisell, Fallbrook

Are Democrats Destroying Israel?

David Suissa’s piece “Iran: An Agreement to Empower Evil” is spot on (July 17). But the bigger issue is how American Jews can continue to support a Democratic Party that now seems hell-bent on turning a blind eye to the possible destruction of the State of Israel, if not actually facilitating Israel’s demise directly by supporting a president who would forge such an agreement as he and his proxy, Secretary of State John Kerry, have with the Iranians. And if Jewish Democrats think another Clinton in the White House will make a difference, they are sadly mistaken.

Marc Yablonka, Burbank

A Plague in D.C. 

Regarding Danielle Berrin’s article, not only will you find a swastika in the Washington, D.C., Holocaust Museum, but you will also find hundreds of swastikas on the building directly across the street from the museum (“Symbol-ic,” July 17). The swastikas on the side of this building facing the museum are hidden from view by shrubs. However the swastikas on the north side of this building are plainly visible. You can even see them on Google Maps by zooming in and jumping to Street View to look at the north wall of this building across the street from the Holocaust Museum.

Barry Bereskin, Calabasas

Intellectual Fodder or Cause for Fire?

Until American-Jewish leadership takes a firm and real stand by censoring the current Israeli government until [Israeli Minister of Religious Affairs David Azoulay]is fired and replaced by someone who has demonstrated an understanding of the Jewish world’s diversity, nothing will change in Israeli politics (“We Cannot Call You ‘Minister,’ ” July 17). The American-Jewish support will continue to be taken for granted.

Glenn Tamir via

I think we are on a political correctness bandwagon here. People are being sensitive for absolutely nothing. [Azoulay] did not mean to insult anyone. Perhaps it was an unfortunate utterance that does not belong in the public arena but within the yeshiva world is typical of chavrutot jousting. It’s a statement meant to start a discussion and indeed a debate about Jewishness. Reform Judaism is only 180 years old in a tradition that is 3,500 years old. So the question is an opinion of tradition versus modernity. It is modernity that has to justify its departure from tradition, not the other way round. He is challenging Reform Jews to justify their Jewishness, but instead of having a real, meaningful debate, everyone is a plaintiff who has been molested and is outraged that anyone would even bring up such a subject. This subject is not going away. Especially as Israel becomes more and more Jewish, the questions “What is Jewish?” and “Who is a Jew?” will become more and more acute. It is our tradition to debate stuff to death, not to whine because someone said something we are not willing to debate, or are intellectually incapable of debating.

Dale Moshe Sumbureru via