Brave-ish is a GOLD NonFiction Book Awards WINNER!

May 23, 2024

My memoir, Brave-ish: One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After Fifty, is a GOLD NonFiction Book Awards WINNER!

Thank you to the Nonfiction Author’s Association for this incredible honor and these amazing reviews!

  • The beginning of this book is just a prelude to a fascinating story of one woman’s lifelong career as a traveler and writer. Though Lisa Niver’s story begins with the end of an abusive marriage, she is able to pick herself up and turn her love of travel and writing into a career. With a background as a teacher and experience working on cruise ships, Lisa opts first for a career as a host on cruise ships, then turns to writing about her trips to Asia which always included diving outings. Though originally terrified of diving, Lisa finds her way to a love of investigating waters, natural phenomena, and sunken treasures.
  • A quick pace, easy reading, very good start to set out the background to her adventures. Short chapters mean you definitely want to hear more about her adventures and what she chooses to do next. You can see why she was initially attracted to her husband, so the eventual break-up is very sad.
  • Lisa Niver, author of Brave-ish, is the heroine of her own story and if this weren’t her own story, it would be a wonderful fiction/fantasy novel; but the truth is it’s not imagination. At its core it’s a story of survival and growth after near tragedy.
  • There are a lot of beautiful descriptions of places visited and the sometimes-odd activities she enthusiastically took part in. There is also an interesting discussion about her sight and how everything suddenly made sense. Basically, you can see why the marriage couldn’t work and it is a relief when she finally gets to lead the life she wants. I love the list of 50 things to do before her 50th birthday!
  • Niver has the reader ride a wave of up and down emotions included with action and adventure that would rival any of Hollywood’s movies. Surviving a disastrous, abusive marriage that she did not see until it almost caused her demise. Being brave enough to get out from under the abuse, she starts and new life and thrives. But that wasn’t enough for the heroine of the story. She kept challenging herself to grow and overcome, at times, insurmountable obstacles. She accomplished things she never dreamed of and fulfilled items on her wish list. Yet, if there wasn’t enough to her journey of growth and survival, she takes on the challenge of accomplishing 50 Things Before her 50th Birthday in a very short time frame. And the reader is off again on another round of action and adventure as Niver learns new things, explores new places across six continents. Niver wants to be fearless after fifty and tries things that would make a seasoned professional squeamish and any woman over fifty clinging to the safety of her bed covers. Her courageous behavior clearly indicates that is fearless. Niver’s story shows us her portrait of life and her philosophy of life. Brave-ish is a story of survival that speaks to any woman and lets them see what can happen if you let go of your fears, expectations, and perceptions.
  • It is not just the story of a travel writer, but of the strength and tenacity you need to become one. Very brave!
2024 Gold Nonfiction Book Award by Nonfiction Authors Association 2024 Literary Titan Nonfiction Gold Book Award 2023 Zibby Awards Runner-up: Best Book for The Strong Woman 2023 1st place HEARTEN Book Awards winner for Inspiring & Uplifting Non-Fiction 2023 WINNER: Goody Business Book Awards: Memoir/Self-Help Featured in Conde Nast Traveler Women Who Travel Book Club: 10 New Books We Can’t Wait to Read this Fall As seen in Forbes Best New NonFiction

BRAVE-ish is a winner: 2024 Literary Titan Gold Book Award

Goody Business Book Awards: Memoir/Self-Help

Zibby Awards: Best Book for The Strong Woman

My Podcast, Make Your Own Map, won 2nd place for Diversity in TV/Streaming at the NAEJ Awards

My website is #10 on the top 100 Travel Lifestyle Blogs and Websites

I am also the #3 Top Travel Influencer for 2024 for Afluencer as well as #10 of Female Influencers Brands Can’t Get Enough of for 2024!

I want to send a special thanks to my awesome literary agent, Chip MacGregor and my phenomenal Post Hill Press editor, Debra Englander! This team has believed in my book from the very beginning. I am very grateful.

THANK YOU for all of your support.

My AUDIO BOOK of Brave-ish narrated by ME is now available!

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