Friday, April 3, 2020

Film Festival Season

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A Moment in Time: If I am not for Myself, Who will be for Me?

Dear all, This entire week has been filled with one virtual conference after another. Conversations with our Board leadership, B’nai Mitzvah students, and staff. “Zoom”...

I’m a Rabbi and a Physician Assistant. This is Why I Want You to Stay Home.

“Stay home. Save lives.” These words blinked on the overhead electronic traffic sign as I sped down the highway. As a medical professional treating patients...

Shoah Foundation Head: Bigots Prey on Coronavirus to Incite Hate

As Americans adapt to the new normal of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, videoconferencing has become our lifeline. The likes of Zoom and FaceTime...

New Jersey Orthodox Town Accused of Spreading Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred anti-Semitic chatter connected to Lakewood, a New Jersey township with a large Orthodox population, on social networks. New Jersey Gov....
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The Los Angeles area film festival season starts soon!  Two outstanding ones include:

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival:  Always a favorite, this is expertly curated festival features wonderful films and runs from April 26th to May 3, 2017.  Founded in 2006, the festival’s Executive Director is Hilary Helstein, herself an accomplished film director.  It’s sponsored by the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, among others.  I’ll be there, and will post coverage as I do.  For more info. and tickets, visit lajfilmfest.org.

COLCOA French Film Festival.  If you are a fan of French cinema (and what self-respecting film buff isn’t?) you will enjoy the COLCOA French Film Festival, running April 24th to May 2.  For more info. and tickets, visit colcoa.org.

Many other festivals coming up, including the Los Angeles Film Festival, Dances with Films, Turner Classic Film Festival, and on and on.  Isn’t is great living in Los Angeles?

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‘Ask the Rabbi’ Online Class Zoombombed With Anti-Semitic Remarks, Nudity

A recent “Ask the Rabbi” online class for a private New York Orthodox girls’ high school was Zoombombed. CBS News reported on April 2 that...

Empire Kosher Closes Chicken Processing Plant for 2 Weeks After Employees Test Positive for the Coronavirus

(JTA) — Empire Kosher closed its processing plant in Pennsylvania after two employees tested positive for the coronavirus. But chickens are expected to be available...

Pakistan Court Overturns Conviction in Daniel Pearl Murder Case

An appeals court in Karachi, Pakistan, has overturned the murder conviction of the man sentenced to death for masterminding the kidnapping and beheading...

Swastikas Found on Maryland Synagogue

Swastikas and other slurs were found spray-painted on a Maryland synagogue on the morning of March 28. The Washington Jewish Week reported that the vandalism...

Adelson Says He Will Continue to Pay Employees During Shutdown and Urges Other Employers to Do So

Jewish philanthropist and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson wrote in an April 1 New York Post op-ed that he will continue to pay all of...