Global Angel x Adrienne Bankert: A Partnership to Spread Kindness and Provide Helping Hands

September 2, 2020


At a time when the world seems at its breaking point and obstacles arise daily, it is important to remember the inherent good that lies within everyone. Appreciation, compassion, courage, humility and generosity are all traits that ignite again when we need it the most. We are citizens of the world, and must lean on one another to repair and rebuild.

Global Angel is a value driven fashion brand based on those principles. Each item of clothing embodies purchase with a purpose. Twenty-five percent of proceeds from every sale are donated to a charity of the customer’s choice, including Color of Change, American Cancer Society, Best Friends Animal Society and St. Jude to name a few.

Founded by Amber Dawn Shopay after the Woolsey fires, it has grown into a brand offering so much more than chic apparel. At a time when activewear and loungewear are taking center stage, Global Angel is also providing comfort and solace to many through its donations.

Global Angel has a new partnership with Emmy-award winning journalist and national correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America, Adrienne Bankert. Together they will spread messages of kindness through a collection of tees. The three styles each carry with it words of encouragement from Bankert’s new book. Quotes include “The unbeatable kind,” “Start with the KIND of person you want to be,” and “It’s time to redefine what it means to be kind.”

“Kindness” is a word that is universally understood in every culture. It speaks volumes and has the power to make change. The kindness collection will benefit Sacramento Helping Hands with 25% of each sale going towards their cause. The organization relies on the generosity of others to help those within its community. From delivering groceries to the elderly to providing clothing to families in need, Sacramento Helping Hands demonstrates the epitome of kindness. The donation will directly impact continued community efforts.

Global Angel x Adrienne Bankert

Celebrating the recent launch of her book, “Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone,” Adrienne Bankert states, “We need constant reminders that kindness is not just polite. Kindness is powerful. Wearing messages from Your Hidden Superpower is only the beginning of signaling a shift in perspective and prioritizing kindness at a time when we truly need more generosity and compassion. Global Angel’s mission to give back 25% of proceeds to charity is a wonderfully conscious business platform. For years I have looked for creative ways to give to. worthy causes, and this is one simple and effective way to impact the community and positive change.”

Amber Dawn Shopay shares the same sentiment noting, “In this time of uncertainty, kindness shines through. It is a characteristic that someone remembers. It’s that extra “thank you” that makes a difference; a helping hand when it is needed the most. Kindness is the tie that binds us as citizens of the world.”

About Global Angel: Amber Dawn Shopay established Global Angel in 2018 in order to fulfill her desire to give back. Global Angel is a platform designed to offer high-quality goods that give back to the world, in just the way you choose. You pick the product; you pick the cause, because we’re more than just an online shopping destination. We’re a far-reaching, communal effort of compassion.

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