2010 Emmy Nominations for Jews

Please welcome Hollywood Jew intern Daniella Penn making her blogging debut:

The 2010 Emmy nominations are out, and what would television be without Jews?

“Glee,” the new smash-hit musical comedy, was as heavy on nominations (19 more than any other television show this year) as it is in Jewish presence. Jewish Broadway star Lea Michele (“Spring Awakening”), nominated for Outstanding Actress in Comedy, plays ambitious lead character Rachel Barry. Her fellow glee-clubber, blonde cheerleader Quinn Fabray, is played by Dianna Agron, also Jewish. “Glee” even breaks traditional portrayals of the intellectual/misfit Jew with character Noah Puckerman, a football jock popular with the ladies who also happens to be a member of the tribe. As Columbia Professor Jeremy Tauber asserts, “Jews are as much a part of the DNA of American musical theater—and, as such, of Glee—as, well, gay men.”

“Modern Family,” another rookie comedy up for an Emmy, was created by