Picture of Danielle Berrin

Danielle Berrin

Rabbis of LA | Pini Dunner: The Orthodox Optimist

Dunner projects that classic, conservative, immersive Judaism of the kishkes. He is thoroughly traditional, and in a sense, unself-critical, steeped in the credos of Jewish history, learning and observance to the point of enchantment.

Rabbis of LA | Rabbi Noah Farkas: Looking to the Past and the Future

As Farkas embarks upon the blockbuster role of his career, I encountered someone calm but calculated, at ease selling himself and his accomplishments, but also aware he is inheriting a unifying organization at a time of deep political polarization and cultural upheaval.

Rabbis of LA | Rabbi Lori Shapiro: Almost an Actress

Her journey from theater to Judaism is as much an adventure story as any other, catapulting her from the Five Towns of Long Island to the Ba’al Teshuva Haredi community in Sfat where she said her “neshama was born.” 


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