December 15, 2018

Trump Lawyer on New Book: ‘The People Will Be Able to Defend Jerusalem As Their Capital’

Jay Sekulow, who is a part of President Trump’s legal team, discussed his new book “Jerusalem: A Biblical and Historical Case for the Jewish Capital” on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) on May 3, explaining how it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people.

Sekulow told TBN that he approached the book as if he was arguing before the Supreme Court, which he has done 20 times.

“I wrote the book anticipating every question we could think of that would be the other side of the issue,” Sekulow said.

In doing so, he made the legal, historical and Biblical case for Jerusalem to be the capital of the Jewish people.

“The Jewish people have resided in [and] maintained a residency in Jerusalem even in times of immense persecution and dispersion,” Sekulow said, pointing out throughout the interview that there has always been a “remnant” of the Jewish population in Jerusalem.

Additionally, there is new archaeological evidence everyday tying the history of the Jewish people to Jerusalem.

From a legal standpoint, Israel has a right to Jerusalem under international law since they took it back from Jordan during the Six-Day War.

“The precedent is set… that there is no way that the Jewish people and the state of Israel does not have the right to take that territory,” Sekulow said.

Sekulow expressed his amazement to TBN about Trump’s Jerusalem move, saying that it was something that most people thought wouldn’t happen in their lifetimes and that the move itself didn’t result in World War III that critics warned about. Sekulow believes that is thanks to a higher power that now was the moment to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel when the Arab world’s highest priority is the threat of Iran.

“Human beings cannot orchestrate these moments. The word of God is very clear on this,” Sekulow said, adding that “the prophetic nature of Jerusalem is clear from the very beginning of scripture.”

The reason why Sekulow thinks it’s so important to educate the populace about Jerusalem is because the security of Israel is important to the interests of the United States and “Jerusalem has been the flashpoint in world history.”

“You have to understand the significance of Jerusalem,” Sekulow said. “Why has one city in one place drawn so much world attention?”

By understanding history, people can know how to learn from it, especially as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement seeks to delegitimize Israel and Jerusalem.

The full interview can be seen below: