January 19, 2020

Academia, Hate and “Pain”

This blog recently “>Emory University. Someone (or several someones) wrote Donald Trump’s name in chalk on sidewalk steps and railings.

The “chalking” led to student demonstrations directed at the administration with chants “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!…..We have nothing to lose but our chains.” This, for having to endure seeing Donald Trump’s name on the sidewalk, steps and railings—-in chalk.

The administration offered “emergency funds” to those student groups “seeking to respond to the incident.” The student government and College Council offered “open office hours” to students—perhaps for counseling. Instead of telling the students to grow up, the administration treated silliness as seriousness.

I am not a Donald Trump fan, but seeing his name scrawled on a sidewalk or a railing will not be keeping me up at night.

Contrast this incident of ephemeral political messaging, to“>he New York Times did an expose, last week “>personally. But what action he is willing, or able, to take was unclear.

This week 174 faculty members (a majority of the faculty) at Oberlin signed a