Israel’s “Peace Partner” Glorifies Beating Up Settlers

August 8, 2013

In a ridiculously acted, eerily scored 6-minute film aired on Palestinian Authority television, Palestinians take revenge on a group of “settlers” who attack a poor Palestinian shepherd. The film feeds off and lamely encourages false stereotypes of “settlers” as religiously motivated provocateurs. Actually, it has done a better job of feeding and encouraging stereotypes of Palestinians as religiously motivated aggressors. Who needs pro-freedom activists like “>Robert Spencer to point out the anti-Semitic savagery of the Islamic creed when the Palestinians are doing a good enough job for them? The film pays homage to Muhammad, who provides inspiration for a mob of “villagers” to take wreckless, merciless “revenge” on the “settlers,” going so far as to cut off their payos (tendrils). Israel's peace partners' have done more than all the “Islamaphobes” combined in substantiating Islam as a religion that promotes savagery and hate. Why isn't this film being protested by the Muslim world?