The One Person the World Love To See Debate Donald Trump

Comedian Larry David might be the only man who could match the former president insult for insult.
March 29, 2024
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If former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 election, it might be because of a skill that’s tough to teach.

“He can win because he’s a great insult comic,” comedian Andrew Shultz said of Trump on a recent episode of the PBD podcast hosted by Valuetainment founder Patrick Bet-David. Comic and businessman Adam Sosnick, one of the co-hosts of the show, who is Jewish and has done standup comedy, likened Trump to the late Don Rickles.

Forget for a second whether you plan on voting for President Joe Biden or former President Trump in the 2024 election. I think everyone would like to see a debate between former President Donald Trump and Larry David, whose iconic show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is coming to a close.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, David railed against Trump calling him a “sociopath” a “little baby” and someone who “convinced all these people he didn’t lose.”

I’m sure David could do much better in a real debate face to face against Trump. It could be a pay-per view event that outdoes even the Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul bout.

Let’s not forget it was Wallace who was the moderator of the first debate between Trump and Biden in which Trump’s material in the insult game was far superior.

Trump told Biden that “China ate your lunch.”

Biden called Trump a clown, told him he was racist and whiffed with the line that Trump “wouldn’t know a suburb unless he took a wrong turn.”

There has been no guarantee yet from Biden that he will debate Trump, but I imagine he will. Until then, who wouldn’t love to see David debate Trump? Trump has said he’s done more for Black Americans other than perhaps President Abraham Lincoln. On the sixth episode of the final season of “Curb” David worked on memorizing the Gettysburg address … while urinating.  Trump has resorted to selling Bibles so one can imagine David would have some good ones on that.

Let’s not forget that Trump neutralized his Republican challengers in 2016 by calling Florida Governor Jed Bush “low energy” mocking Florida Senator Marco Rubio as “Little Marco” he referred to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as “Lying Ted” and bizarrely told Fox News that Cruz’ father \ was with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. If you could turn back the clock with what we know now, I’ll bet all three of them would gladly take advice from David for what to say as a comeback.

On an episode called “Thor” David told sons that their wrestler father was a “big fake” when they though wrestling was real and on the episode called “Trick or Treat” when a guy named Cliff Cobb claims his grandfather invented the Cobb salad, Larry quips: “you know my grandfather’s name was Harold Bingo and he invented Bingo.” Perhaps David’s best insult is on the episode called “The Weatherman” when he tells the meteorologist: “There’s a jetstream of bulls—  coming out of your mouth my friend, you are busted buddy!”

We will miss David’s insults and I have FOML — Fear of Missing Larry. David famously has only an outline and his shows involve a lot of ad-libbing so one could imagine he would be the single person in the world uniquely capable of going toe-to-toe with Trump.

Millions would watch and it would be talked about for ages. Perhaps David would say Trump is full of bubbe meise (made up stories) or that he doesn’t want to hear the whole megillah of how the election was stolen. I’m sure Trump would have plenty of insults for David as well.

The two men have some similarities. Both are rich and don’t believe in political correctness, seem to love golf and have many fans who saw them say funny things on TV.

The money from the Pay-Per-View could go to charity.

Do I think a debate would change the opinion of a single voter? Probably not. But it would be more entertaining than any debate in history. Since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) debated each other on Fox News, there is precedent for people debating who are not running against each other.

And I think Larry David has the chutzpah to actually do it.

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