Exciting Events, Awesome Awards: Niver’s May News 2024

May 31, 2024

May News 2024 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel:

This spring I have had GREAT NEWS! My book has won multiple awards, I am a five time finalist for the Southern California Journalism Awards in June and I hope you can join us at BARNES & NOBLE at THE GROVE June 25th at 7pm for my next book talk and signing! RSVP HERE!

Thank you so much for all of your support for my writing, my website, my memoir, my videos! SMALL STEPS do lead to BIG CHANGES! Thank you to the Nonfiction Author’s Association for the GOLD Nonfiction Book Award!

Thank you TAKE 5 Magazine for featuring my memoir!

Thank you to the PENN BOOKSTORE for all your support!

Thank you to John for bringing my book to our Penn reunion so I could sign it for him and making me feel like a real author! Thank you to all of my friends and family for all of your support.

Wondering what else helps a new author? WRITE A REVIEW!! Click here to go directly to rate or review BRAVE-ish on Amazon–but you can do anywhere you bought your book! THANK YOU!!

Thank you to the nonprofit, If You Heard What I Heard, which films the stories of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, the last generation to ever hear survivors’ stories firsthand for the Night of Resilience, for a special acoustic concert with Matisyahu at the Saban Theater.

Incredible musical performance by A Great Big World’s Ian Axel and Chad King of “THIS IS THE NEW YEAR” and “SAY SOMETHING” at Race to Erase MS Gala 2024 at the stunning Fairmont Century Plaza.

Thank you to Taste Buds with Deb for including me in her recent article: Lisa Niver, “Brave-ish:” You don’t need to cross oceans to have new food experiences. AND for the interview last year!

Thank you to Travel Books and Movies for including me in her article: Travel Writers at the Women in Travel Summit: “Lisa Niver is an award-winning travel writer who started her travel career with her husband, but after many (challenging) years she’s was forced to face the truth about her marriage and leave him (literally while on the streets of Thailand).  So then she had to completely redefine her life and figure out life—and a career—without him.  This book is the story of Lisa’s journey after she leaves her marriage (with some stories of how she got there) and how she built her solo travel career.

BRAVE-ISH REVIEWS (read more here!)



Lisa has written an amazing book that chronicles her many travel journeys and adventures throughout her life, but made it very personal by intertwining stories of the relationships (good and bad), the realities of life on the road, with all the bumps that make her stories really resonate. Having met Lisa on a trail on the Annapurna Circuit….. and yes with Fred, I would have never imagined the story behind the story. Her sharing of this experience in her life was gut wrenching to read, but a necessary part of the story……. It sets the tone for the rest of her journey in becoming Brave-ish. Well done, and I look forward to whatever she has planned for her next chapters!




Niver has the reader ride a wave of up and down emotions included with action and adventure that would rival any of Hollywood’s movies. Surviving a disastrous, abusive marriage that she did not see until it almost caused her demise. Being brave enough to get out from under the abuse, she starts and new life and thrives. But that wasn’t enough for the heroine of the story. She kept challenging herself to grow and overcome, at times, insurmountable obstacles. She accomplished things she never dreamed of and fulfilled items on her wish list. Yet, if there wasn’t enough to her journey of growth and survival, she takes on the challenge of accomplishing 50 Things Before her 50th Birthday in a very short time frame. And the reader is off again on another round of action and adventure as Niver learns new things, explores new places across six continents. Niver wants to be fearless after fifty and tries things that would make a seasoned professional squeamish and any woman over fifty clinging to the safety of her bed covers. Her courageous behavior clearly indicates that is fearless. Niver’s story shows us her portrait of life and her philosophy of life. Brave-ish is a story of survival that speaks to any woman and lets them see what can happen if you let go of your fears, expectations, and perceptions.

Lisa signing Brave-ish at the Park City Library

You can find my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Simon & Schuster, Post Hill Press, Target, Walmart, BookShop, BAM! and wherever you get your audiobooks! People always ask me where is it best to buy my book. I recommend you go into or call your favorite local book store and ask them to order it for you and pick it up IN THE STORE! You never know what other treasures you will find. Any bookstore can order my book because my publisher is Post Hill Press and it is distributed by Simon and Schuster. My friend in New Zealand just ordered my book to her local store! Brave-ish is available all over the globe!

Learn more about my events: click here and my articles here

THANK YOU for watching my podcast! It has now been seen and heard in 45 countries on 6 continents!

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Fortune Cookie SAID:

“With spring’s arrival, let hope bloom in your heart and bring new beginnings.”

Do you love audiobooks? My memoir, Brave-ish, is available! AND!!! I am the narrator! Did you know that authors have to audition to narrate their books?!!?

I continue to hope and pray for the hostages to be returned to Israel and for peace and safety for all of us on our planet.



I am SO HONORED and EXCITED to have an event at Barnes & Noble The Grove June 25 at 7pm! I hope to see you there!



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