May 26, 2019

Living in Community

Long ago, I abandoned the act of wearing of matching socks. The additional stress of matching my socks while I tried to clean babies bums, and get out the door seemed a futile endeavor.

Sometimes though, a gal needs to be presentable. Invariably, some gift appears to me during those times. For instance, recently a yoga student hooked me up with a few pairs of new matching cashmere  socks as she noticed I often had auditions after practice. And long ago as a first time rabbi’s wife during the High Holy Day season, a good friend appeared at my door with 3 new pairs of stockings for me. She was right to be worried as there would definitely have been holes in mine.

So this week, in advance of my youngest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support from my community, both my small circle of immediate friends and family, all the way to the larger circle of my warm Temple community. I have not enough words to say thank you. Downtown shopping excursions for hard to find flowers, not at all my forte, Smart and Final runs, baking and blessing parties, and detailed support for luncheons and dress buying. Again, stuff that’s not so much in my wheelhouse of interest and strength. The intention to make this week as much about ease and joy specific to my girl.

In appreciation, this FRIDAY  I will like to offer a complimentary yoga class. So if you have been coming, I look forward to seeing you on your mat and if you have never come especially because of any monetary limitation, now is your chance! 

I will have to cancel tomorrow WEDNESDAY  (3/14)  but hope to see you all on FRIDAY (3/16) at 8:15 am!

in great appreciation and love