February 22, 2020

A new film series of Biblical proportions, The Ten Commandments — they’re baaack!

” target=”_blank”>reported by Kelton Research is why producer Frank Yablans is convinced that this is a critical time to have a studio producing educational, faith-based films.

“We hope to educate young people and families as to where all civilization came from,” explained the 72-year-old Hollywood veteran.

Yablans, born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, said he had a “typical New York Jewish upbringing.” For more than 50 years, he has toiled in the film industry, steadily rising through the ranks to president of Paramount Pictures in the early ’70s. “The Godfather,” and “Chinatown” are just a few of the titles that made it one of the most critically acclaimed and profitable studios of that period.

“Many people refer to my time at Paramount as the golden years,” Yablans said. But now, he has turned his focus and passion to his new company, Promenade Pictures, whose first production, a computer-animated film, “The Ten Commandments,” is